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First Stage Researcher R1. Additional Information. Degree requirements. Half of the graduate courses must be taken within the Department of Chemistry. Students are advised to consult with their supervisor in the selection of courses.

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Academic Integrity Workshop. PhD Seminar Students must present a minute seminar.

Analytical, Environmental and Radiochemistry (AER)

Students admitted directly from a Bachelor of Science BSc degree must complete the examination during their 5th term. The Examining Committee will consist of two Chemistry graduate faculty members and one member from the opposite campus where applicable, from Guelph or Waterloo. The supervisor will not attend the examination.

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If the first attempt is unsuccessful, the student will be granted a 2nd attempt to take place not less than 2 and not more than 4 months from the date of the 1st attempt. Development of methods and techniques for sample pretreatment and decomposition of biological materials prior to spectral analysis and the use of the results obtained in determination of elements in biological but also inorganic materials, mostly by atomic absorption spectrometry methods.

Use of spectrophotometric methods in pharmaceutical and environmental analysis, often in combination with flow analytical methods, e.

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Development and use of high-performance separation methods gas chromatography, liquid column and capillary chromatography, capillary electrophoresis for separations and determination of substances in complex mixtures, for chiral separations and separations of biologically active molecules. Connected is the development of new stationary phases, mainly for the preparation of monolithic capillary columns. Separation methods are very often required in analyses of real samples and thus are used for the purpose in combination with electrochemical, optical and mass spectrometric detection methods.

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Character of the Discipline Analytical chemistry is a natural science field that is based not only on all the chemical disciplines, but also on physics, biology, information theory and many technical disciplines. The Study Duties of the PhD Students at the Department of Analytical Chemistry These duties must be fulfilled prior to application to the state doctoral examination a Successful passing of at least 4 examinations in selected subjects.

Research at the Department of Analytical Chemistry which is Entered by the PhD Students The research at the Department of Analytical Chemistry is directed toward electroanalysis, optical analytical methods and, primarily, to separations. In greater detail found also in the Departmental www pages , see above , the research can be summarized as follows: Studies of electrochemical reactions of organic compounds and applications of the study results to voltammetric and polarographic detection and determination of biologically, pharmaceutically, ecologically and toxicologically important organic compounds.

PhD theses finished since with their original titles Free analyte atom distribution, reactions and analyte reatomization in quartz tube hydride atomizers for atomic absorption spectrometry. Reverse stationary phases for peptide analysis: Column testing, classification and selection.