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Over , specific notes are at your disposal. The question mentions one of the individuals accepting the offer did so by email. Would this acceptance constitute writing? Is an email really writing? Just bringing it up as a point of interest, or an extra consideration, will be beneficial. Spending too much time preparing for problem questions before the exam, and not spending any time on essay questions can be a big problem.

Depending on institution you may be required to answer essay questions. But you still need to make a detailed plan. For me the amount of thinking time was much longer than for the problem questions. Even though essay questions are usually much shorter, you should re read them several times. Not answering the question, or only partially doing so, will massively decrease you chances of getting a great mark in the exam.

Hope this helps the way you approach exams. This is just the way I do things, and it worked out well. Numerous methods are valid though. The best advice I can give is just to do as many practice questions as you can. Mark is the site founder, webmaster, writer and designer. He is constantly working to improve the site. Anything you want to know? Furthermore, it is good practice to give a general analysis of a particular area of law before getting into the specifics.

'Don't just vomit on the page': how to write a legal essay | Law | The Guardian

I know that with the overwhelming amount of research that law students must do you may be in a hurry when looking at a case. Often details get lost in the process, such as, looking in at an outdated decision of the court when actually a higher court has heard the case and given a different judgment. JustisOne makes this easier by flagging up very clearly that the case has been heard in a higher court, prompting you to treat the decision with care. Introduction : Keep it short and to the point. Main body : with problem questions, you should evaluate each issue separately unless they have a clear link.

Many academics encourage their students to follow the IRAC guideline: I dentify the issues and the relevant legal r ules, a pply the rules to the issue and then draw a c onclusion on the basis of that application. If a statute governs that area of law, always mention that before the case law as that takes precedence.

If there is a particular word or phrase which you want to emphasise refer to that.

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Also, always state the strongest claim first and then bring in alternative claims subsequently. Bloomsbury Law Tutors has suggested that the objective is not just to consider other possible arguments but to consider them and disprove them, in other words, why they are not as credible and have lower chances of success. Students are often under the mistaken belief that a problem question does not need a closing paragraph, however, this is not the case. An overall conclusion is necessary to draw your points together and to add structure to your answer. A conclusion does not need to be long.

It should merely sum up what you have discussed in your essay, without introducing anything new.

Practice Questions

Introduction: it is similar to that of a problem question, except that you must adapt it to the type of essay question it is. As a general theme however, essay questions tend to address some sort of legal controversy around an area of law so it is necessary to do some wider reading, such as, articles and academic opinion so that you have different points of view to discuss.

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Focusing on the wording of the question is key. Generally, there would be a statement warranting a discussion of its accuracy. In that type of question, you would be splitting your legal authorities to prove both why that statement is accurate and why it is not. A useful aspect of JustisOne that can help you with this is its recognition of search operators.