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Requirements to obtain international mention. Universidad Loyola.

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Loyola Doctorate. This is a record that will include in all cases: 1. The doctoral thesis. It can be written in Spanish or English.

Some of the dissertations submitted after and agreed to be public by authors are also available there. If the dissertation is not available online, you may consider visiting other university library or requesting a photocopy. In most cases, a letter of introduction or an advance inquiry is necessary. In case of requesting a photocopy of a dissertation, it must be less than half of total pages due to the copyright. To copy more than half of the total pages, obtaining consent from the copyright holder is required in most cases.

The National Diet Library holds doctoral dissertations which are received since September It is possible to search for doctoral dissertations overseas through the respective university or national library of the respective country. Many dissertations are available online. Masters Degrees in Ireland. Studying PhDs in the United Kingdom. South Korea. Language Tests. Main Menu. Advertise PhDs.

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About FindAPhD. List Your PhDs. Featured Advertising. Marketing Conference. Studying Abroad. Studying PhDs in Europe. Advice Menu. Back to Studying PhDs in Europe. Why Germany? German universities PhD structure.

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Fees and funding Application process Visas. PhD opportunities in Germany - what's on offer for ? German universities. However, they have recently begun to offer qualifications in some other subjects. Universities of Applied Science Fachhochschulen focus on professional and vocational subjects such as Engineering, Business or Social Science. They do not award PhDs. Research Institutes carry out important research projects including PhD work in partnership with universities, businesses and industry.

Most operate within larger networks such as the Max Planck Society. Public and private universities Germany is divided into 16 states lander. German university rankings. Visit their websites for more information. Do rankings matter for PhD study? German university cities The capital city of Germany — Berlin, is popular amongst both tourists and international students.

PhD Structure. A doctorate in Germany is a third-cycle qualification, in accordance with the European qualification framework adopted as part of the Bologna Process. Types of PhD in Germany The doctoral degree — based upon independent research towards the submission and examination of a thesis — was a German innovation. The candidate chooses the institution where they would like to conduct their research: at a university or non-university organisation, or within a German company.

Structured doctoral programmes — these are conducted largely in English and are internationally-oriented. You will complete additional training alongside your thesis, sometimes including collaborations and placements with external research institutes. Programme length The academic year in Germany is usually comprised of two semesters, the exact start and end dates will vary depending upon your institution but are typically as follows: The Wintersemester WiSe — runs from 1 October to 31 March with a two-week break at Christmas and Easter The Sommersemester SoSe — runs from 1 April to 30 September with a break from July to September The length of your PhD will depend upon whether you are doing a traditional PhD typically 4-years or a structured doctoral programme typically 3 years.

The components of a doctoral dissertation and their order

In general, both will involve conducting a research project and writing a thesis ; however, besides this there are some key differences: Traditional PhDs — offer a more independent and flexible PhD with no compulsory attendance, deadlines or curriculum. You will focus on completing your research and writing a thesis. Structured doctoral programmes —involve completing compulsory lectures, seminars and interim assessments on research related topics.

You will work individually and collaboratively on wider research projects with the students and team of academics within the programme. Supervision The number of supervisors you have will also depend upon the PhD programme you have chosen. PhD supervision The relationship with your supervisor will be an important part of the PhD process - wherever you choose to study.

Assessment and examination Again, the assessment procedure for a German PhD depends on the type of programme you pursue. Fees and funding. PhD fees At doctoral level, tuition is free across all public universities in Germany for up to three years six semesters of study.

PhD English Requirements

Living costs As you will not be paying tuition fees, your main expenses within Germany will be your living costs. Help from your student union The student services Studentenwerk at your institution can help you find a room in halls of residence. Prices in Germany The following table gives an indication of some common expenses during a PhD in Germany:.

Working whilst studying As an international PhD student in Germany you are permitted to work whilst studying; however, there are certain restrictions depending upon your nationality: Citizens of the EU, EEA and Switzerland may work without a residence permit, with no restrictions on hours. However, if you work over 20 hours a week you will pay national insurance contributions.

Other international students are permitted to work full-days or half-days per year. Working with your scholarship If you are in receipt of a scholarship or grant you must attain approval from your funding body and institution before you take on any additional work. Applying for a PhD in Germany. The application procedure in Germany is slightly different to other countries. Entry requirements To study for a PhD in Germany you will generally need to have completed a minimum of eight semesters of academic study prior to the doctorate.

Language requirements The language requirements for a PhD in Germany will depend on the programme you apply for. Interviews For admission onto the structured PhD programmes some institutions may require you to complete an interview. Interviews for international students are typically conducted over skype.

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What happens during a PhD interview? Who needs a visa to study in Germany? Health insurance By law every resident in Germany must have valid health insurance, you will not be allowed to enrol at university or apply for a student visa without it. Can I work in Germany after my PhD?

The regulations for working in Germany after a PhD depend upon your nationality. Sitemap Privacy Advertise.