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    Sobriety checkpoints are a successful way to help stop drunk drivers. More sobriety checkpoints increase the chance of people getting arrested for drunk driving. If more arrests are taking place, it causes people to be more cautious on the roads. Sobriety checkpoints are also legal if conducted properly. They are an effective and safe way to stop drunk drivers from causing trouble on the roads.

    In opposition, some believe that sobriety points are too random. In reality, sobriety checkpoints do more good than bad. It is just another way to stop drunk drivers from creating more deaths on roads.

    Much more than documents.

    Another effective way to prevent drunk driving is to have a designated driver when out drinking. When out drinking, a designated driver is someone who is willing to drive home their drunken friends. Designated drivers prevent an impaired driver from potentially getting in an accident. Taking the keys of a drunken person is a way to keep them from getting in their car. Designated drivers are heroes who save many lives. They cost nothing and are highly effective.

    Furthermore, there are different laws to discourage drunk driving.

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    The main controversy of alcoholism is when people should be able to drink. Having a higher drinking age would be a better law to stop drunk driving. Teens who are under 21 are still developing mentally and physically. The effects of drinking alcohol are greater on people who are younger and still growing. Some believe that when they go into the military, they should be allowed to drink.

    Going to war means much more than just being able to drink. Also, many people living in the United States believe that Europe has less drinking problems even though their drinking age is lower than This whole thing is a myth. To sum up, a higher drinking age is the better turnout.

    On the other hand, a few people think that a lower drinking age would help stop young drinking. This statement is wrong because just one drink can do lots damage to a young teens mind. As can be seen, drunk driving is not to be taken lightly. We need to do our part to save young lives on the road. Too many deaths and injuries have been occurring in the past few years. The next victim could be someone you know.

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