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The law school personal statement is important—probably the most important qualitative factor in your application.

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It is not a throwaway. That means there is an awful lot of pressure on you to get it right, and it all starts with a great opening. They can quickly sniff out when something rings false. In some of the examples above, the use of hyperbole and dramatic action is more distracting than it is informative. There is always a subset of law school applicants who love to start their personal statements with a maxim, truism, or vague and general description of a feeling or a idea. In general see what we did there?

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We understand the allure of doing something cutesy or clever or tricky. However, this is a law school application—not your blog. Why do you need a faux cross examination to tell us about yourself? Instead, go back to the very first point: be honest.

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When in doubt, take heart, and always ask somebody else to read your essay and give you honest, constructive feedback. Terrible personal statements are about a dime a dozen. Think about the personal statement as the fun and interesting part of your application. Let each part of your application speak for itself and do what it is intended to do - you don't need to worry about selling us on your credentials in the personal statement. Not necessarily.

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We request a personal statement; it is not a statement of purpose. Law schools have different views on this topic, so please consult each school to which you are applying.

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This way you will get an objective opinion. You should also ask the readers some questions that will help you to understand weak spots in your personal statement. Ask them: do they know you better after reading it; do they want to meet you and learn more about your personality? Is this personal statement engaging or does it look boring as plenty of standard essays?

These questions will help you to know what readers think about you and your academic piece. The primary purpose of this writing is to realize who the author is and why he deserves to study in a particular law school. Ask yourself how to write a personal statement for law school, and you will find the answer. Be sincere and show the readers who you are. Personal statement is a challenge, and you must get through it.

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Give yourself enough time to create a memorable paper that can impress the most demanding admissions committee. We hope our guide will help you to create outstanding writing piece and achieve the essential goals in your life.

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