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Is the greatest virtue which should be followed by every individual to enhance their standard of life. Cleanliness should be done peacefully and happily, but sometimes it is done forcefully which is not done properly.

Short Essay on Clean and Green Environment

The habit of cleanliness should be inculcated in small children during their small age. Cleanliness helps in keeping the diseases away from us. There are various rules of cleanliness the main role is using clean things for cleaning other things if we use dirty things to clean something it will make the other things also dirty. A toilet should be separated from the house and should have doors to prevent diseases and infections. After using the toilets, the hand should be washed with hand wash rather than soap.

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There should be an availability of first aid material in your house or your organization to prevent various infections. Everything should be washed after they are used to prevent from generating bad bacteria and increasing their production which might be harmful to us. There are many positive effects of cleanliness on the environment and also on our body.

Cleanliness keeps the disease and infections away from us and helps us in living a clean and beautiful life. Cleanliness also helps us in psychological and physical development. If the food is clean and nutritious, it is needed to eat it with a washed hand to get all the nutrients and keeping away the diseases. A clean environment also gives us a fresh feeling which always keeps us fresh and helps us in living a better life. It also helps in getting relief from the stress. Cleanliness is very important for a healthy life.

The state itself has many rules, regulations, and fines for people who litter.

Littering is labeled as a Class 3 misdemeanor States with Littering , which means that it will show up on records and could even result in…. In this essay, I will address the effects of litter in forests, why waste reduction in forests is important and the key points of our Mystic Vale cleanup. This asserts that littering has been a long withstanding issue that can has been prominent for many decades. There are many effects on the environment due to litter in forests…. Even while we were completing this project, a group of young men drove past as threw their garbage out in the exact spot the class was working.

This reinforces the notions that citizens do not care where their waste goes or the effects it has on our planet when it is not disposed of properly.

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As a class, we went on another lab adventure, this time, it was to a local stream. We all split up into groups of three or four to properly tally and dispose of the different types of…. The human race was born of this earth, shaped by it, and so far despite our best efforts tied to it.

We Need A Clean Environment Essay

So, to state the obvious, we must protect it. However, it is with in the nature of man to exploit the resources available to us.

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This exploitation comes at a cost, to both the natural world and human world. The movement to protect our environment is at an all…. Secondly, not only smoking in public is harmful when second hand smoking, but also harmful to the environment when littering the remaining filter. The cigarette butts are very difficult to clean and it contains toxic chemicals. My awareness of the harmful effects from these pollutants was benefited by the information that I learned in my Environmental Science class. The area that I worked around was very susceptible to the harmful effects of these pollutants because of the ecosystems that they were in.

In McCormick Park, there is a pond that is beneficial to many species including, but not limited…. Littering must be eliminated and recycling must increase. When traveling down the interstate, it can be seen that this is a real issue that needs to be addressed. A more rigorous mindset needs to be established on trash collection and littering, but recycling needs to become viewed more as a habit than a chore. The average human produces about 4 pounds of trash per day and….

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Browse Essays. Home Page Essay on Littering Effect. Show More. Misconceptions There are misconceptions about what constitutes litter. Some people think that if an item is organic and will "turn into dirt" it's alright to throw it anywhere. Banana peels, apple cores, and the like, are just some things that come to mind on this one. But in reality, throwing garbage around, organic or otherwise, is littering.