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Educators, psychologists, parents and even children have long known there was 'something' not quite right about standardized intelligence tests.

Student Classroom Misbehavior: An Exploratory Study Based on Teachers' Perceptions

They do seem to be ingrained in our society, but their value has been questioned for more than 20 years. Since , the concept of emotional intelligence has been increasingly used to explain the successes of those whose intelligence test results indicated would not perform well. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Filename: Testing. Standardized Testing [ send me this paper ] A 4 page research paper investigating the use of standardized testing.

One of the studies reviewed suggests that preparing students to take the test has more effect on their success level than a new curriculum.

Personal Reflection on Classroom Management Plan

Bibliography included. Filename: Stantest. Models included are experimental, co-relational, and quantitative. Bibliography lists several sources. Filename: Stan2.

Classroom Management

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International Relations - U. This 7 page paper outlines two specific segments on the creation of an educational philosophy: the philosophy statement and the application of learning theories in the classroom setting. Bibliography lists 8 sources. A 3 page contention that although Georgia has implemented a number of measures to enhance its student's academic success, however, many of the state's students still lag behind. The state is the fourth worst in the nation, in fact, in regard to the number of students that it graduates.

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This 17 page paper discusses how a teacher of English as a foreign language can use neurolinguistic programming NLP to enhance teaching, learning and classroom management. Specific examples are given for reading, writing, vocabulary, speaking, planning, and classroom management. Among other concepts, three specific metaprograms are explained. A 15 page paper answering several questions about teaching special populations as well as providing rationale for a training program targeting racism in schools.

The paper provides background on the need for new approaches and makes suggestions of what those approaches could be. It also discusses teachers' personal responsibility to honestly assess how This examination of research and literature demonstrates that most experts in early childhood education do not favor direct instruction, but rather support instruction that is developmentally appropriate. This 6 page paper examines distance learning. The paper argues that distance learning is actually better than a classroom experience because it allows students to learn at their own pace.

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A 7 page research paper that examines and summarizes various key concepts in early childhood education practice. The topics addressed are legal issues, characteristics of learners and assessment of young children.

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A 20 page research paper that offers a detailed discussion of factors contributing to the formulation of a personal philosophy of education. This discussion, first of all, examines the historical and philosophical trends that have led to the present moment in education, as well as social theories that influence educational philosophy.

This information is drawn This 8 page paper provides an overview of a personal educational philosophy. As a Special Education teacher, one of the most significant issues that must be addressed to improve special education is in the way educators view students. Children in Special Education should not be viewed as a product of their designation, as This 15 page paper provides an overview of plausible curriculum trends in education over the next ten years.

Bibliography lists 10 sources. This is a 7 page paper that discusses the issue of whether or not the educational system favors boys over girls or vice versa. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Looking for the perfect essay? Essays and Research Papers on Classroom Management. Select a paper below to view details. Democratic Education 7 page paper.

Psychoeducational Report 5 page paper. Outdoor Education And Learning Styles 4 page paper. Activities in Safety in Children's Services 12 page paper. The Physical Education Teacher 5 page paper. Educational Philosophy and Learning Theories 7 page paper. Questions in Multicultural Education 15 page paper.

Instruction in Early Childhood Education 5 page paper. Key Concepts in Early Childhood Education 7 page paper.