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Also, it was very foolish for the maidservants like Melantho to have affairs with the suitors, and their fates were set as well when they chose to do so. Obviously, vengeance was a huge theme in The Odyssey. It was the driving force behind the whole plot and all of the characters. The whole climax was Odysseus exacting revenge upon the suitors. Vengeance is also the thing that makes The Odyssey so interesting, and a big part of what makes it such an epic story. Posted by Grace at AM. No comments:. Newer Post Older Post Home.

Major Themes in The Odyssey

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These feelings are emotional necessities to ultimately keep us happy. No piece of literature these feelings more evident than the Odyssey by Homer. Throughout the course of this book there is one major emotional theme: love. Often times in life we search for a companion, someone to share our love and life with. Odysseus and Penelope's lasting relationship is an obvious representation of love in the Odyssey Free Essays words 1. These women, such as the Sirens and Circe, not only serve the purpose of providing multiple opportunities for Odysseus to abandon his responsibilities in Ithaca but they are also integral to the theme of seduction and male weakness in the Odyssey.

While some of the female characters in this epic do support the male heroes, their role in the Odyssey has more to do with showing how simple it would be for these heroes to fail Better Essays words 2. The hero journeys to the netherworld or to the land of the dead and returns, often with a quest-object or a loved one, or with heightened awareness and knowledge. This essay takes the convention of katabasis as its point of departure into the literal and symbolic depths of Death and the Underworld within and below the Homeric epic narrative. Better Essays words 3. Homer wrote this epic poem in the Greek coastal region of Anatolia called Ionia.

This poem talks tells the famous story of Ulysses journey back home after the Trojan war. In the surface the poem gives an interesting story about Ulysses battle against monsters and Gods, but after analyzing the story in depth one can find important information about Greek society in this time period. Ancient Greeks respected the highest level of Zenia and they believed that if they abused the Xenia rules in some way they would have a major impact.

The role of goddess Athena is an important part of Odysseus's return to Ithaca. Before her father's return home, Athena also played an important role in Telemacos' life. Even Penelope is affected by the goddess "Gray eye" goddess.

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Next, hospitality can bring happiness and happiness. In Homer's epic "Odyssey", Jinia is an important element of a journey to the house for the most important people. When obeying the Odyssey, the role of Xenia can be very beneficial, and if it does not, it is fatal. When obeying Zenia, Telemacos and Odysseus took an important step to regain Isaac's pursuit ability. Homer's Odyssey can introduce us to the ancient Greek culture through the house of Odesseus.

In epic, hospitality and "Zenia" are expressed as a repeating theme.

There are different examples of master and guest through epic. First of all, this poem presents a bad master like Calypso and Laistrygones. Calypso is considered a bad host because it houses prisoners of Odysseus for several years at home. In Volume 5, Athena told Zeus that her hospitality was not a kind of respect that guests should accept; Laistrygones is another example of a bad reception.

Odysseus and his people found a way to the island and looked for a shelter in a cave that looks like a giant's house. In hopes that guests will get the usual goodwill, they allow themselves to offer wine to God, and then drink some. When Laistrygones came home and found a stranger there, he did not doubt that they would be his husband. He said, Xenia is an important theme for Homer The Odyssey.

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Every epic family is seen in Zenia. The house of Odysseus is the home of a tracker whose needs are beyond the range of Zenia. When Telemacos visits you can see the house of Menelaus and Nestor. Many other families including Circe, Calypso and Phaeacians are observed in epic.

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After sharing his story with Phaeacians, they agreed to take Odysseus to his hometown. With a new rule, he said that you should not be beating your host in the game, as it is rude and it could hurt the relationship. The basic ethical problem of Odyssey is hospitality. Along the Odysseus epic journey, he met many master Carepseo, Cyclops, Circus etc. Do owners and customers follow the basic tradition of ancient Greek civilization Xenia?

The answer code for this question is the fate of many of Odyssey 's most memorable characters. One of the most famous ones at that time, still famous is Homer.

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Nobody knows who he is, but the work he produces is not wonderful. Odyssey and Iriad are myths and are two poems actually accepted as part of Greek history. The Odyssey Hotel of Odyssey is a warm welcome to Homer and hospitality plays a very important role.

Before they eat at your table some kind kind of rules are needed like inviting strangers to your house rather than ask their name, sometimes even a gift. If these entertainment rules are not enforced, the impact will be very serious. Everyone should enjoy hospitality. In "Odyssey" it is very important for even the gods to be excellent master. This is a sign of respect for everyone, no matter where you came from or how poor it looks.

Today the Odyssey Hotel Xenia is like ancient Greece.

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  • Today, hospitality is kind and respectful to our customers. In ancient Greece, hospitality had to be done by people, or faced with the wrath of Zeus. Rules of Zeus' hospitality are that strangers coming to your house are going to eat, entertain, and take a bath until they are given and they give them a goodbye gift.

    Odyssey can almost serve as a Greek hospitality guide, or "xenia", which is the dominant concept of Greece, Zeus is a hospitable god. Telemachus and Odysseus are treated warmly by other people's journeys, but usually you do not even have to enter a name. Of course, the other side of the equation is a tracer who exploits Telemachos 'hospitality through Odysseus' protected area. Another hospitality event ceased when Poseidon decided not to give a stranger a means of transportation after Oiseiusus and a stone to Ithaca were stones.

    In Homer's Odyssey, Odysseus experienced all kinds of hospitality. His experience includes Fascian's hospitality and Cyclops hospitality. Whate form of hospitality, whether generous or cruel, distinguishes between civilized master and undeveloped husband.