Essay on internet surfing and online safety

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Importance of Internet Safety

You are concerned because your teenager is often online and seems oblivious to the dangers. Don 't panic. You can teach your teenager Internet safety. First, though, consider some things you should know about life online.

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The rule that the computer should be placed in a common. Internet Safety Being safe on the web should be the number one priority for every internet user.

Below are helpful tips which will help make your online interactions a bit safer. Note that the ultimate safety lies in using common sense in your online activities. Simply do not open emails from sources you do not know.

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Better yet delete such emails. There are a couple precautions that you can take at home, without spending any money, to help safe guard your child.

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  • They like the convenience, fun, and activities they can do on the Internet. But how safe are they really?

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    It all depends on you and your child. When a child. The resources available range from local support groups to in and out of state resident facilities Strong Essays words 2 pages. You should try to be safe everywhere you go, especially on the streets.

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    Know where you are going and where the dangerous spots are on your route. Try to dress practical, like in sandals or flip flops, something that would be easy to run in. Free Essays words 1. Instead of subscribing to a service from a cable, satellite or phone company that might offer you hundreds of channels you'll never watch, you would be able to select what you want and watch it on your own schedule.

    Internet Safety And The Internet

    That day might not be so far away. Slowly but surely, content that's broadcast over cable networks and through satellite providers is being distributed through the public Internet. Some people consider this to be beneficial and others believe it to be detrimental. Having access to the internet is great for research and exploration the problem is that it is not always safe for children.

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    This topic is not only important for teachers but for parents also since many children have internet access at home. I say that the internet is not always safe because students may accidentally stumble upon sites which contain pornography, violence, weapons, and other subjects that are inappropriate for them Free Essays words 7 pages. There are many things that a computer hacker can get from your computer, and the same amount of answers to avoid these situations.

    Some of these hackers can get personal information off of your computer such as phone numbers, full names, credit card numbers, home addresses, personal letters, and much, much more. To avoid this many things can be done. First, you can store all the personal information, not wanted to be accessed by unknown eyes, on a separate floppy disk or other storage object you might have.

    You can also buy a firewall from your local computer store to allow you to choose who does and does not access your computer. Although, your personal information should be concealed from the internet, it is not the most dangerous thing out there. Young children should be monitored at all times when accessing the internet. AOL is a good internet service to have with young children. AOL offers many parent control options to ensure that your child does not view items on the internet less than appropriate for them.