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The Civil War is deemed to be one of the bloodiest wars in American history. During the time of to May southern stated with drawled any relations from the united stated and formed the confederate states of America. The withdrawal of the southern states was rejected from the….

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On the eve of the American Civil War, many white Southerners held the Confederacy as the favorite to win. It was not an unrealistic view. The South contained more slave states than the North did free states. In terms of land size, this gave the Confederacy an edge.

The South had a history of military experience since the War of and was occupied by several military schools. Therefore they had an abundance of trained military officers that could lead them to victory. They were also fighting a…. Progressive Historians, such as Charles and Mary Bead believed that….

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That being said, war has also led to the ultimate downfall of enormous empires and movements that at one point were sparked with enthusiasm. In short, it brings the most glorious of times and the worst; thousands of human beings dead, families and nations left grieving, and beliefs shattered like glass — all the aftermath of a brutal, hard-fought war.

The United…. The Civil War fought from was rough on citizens all around the country of America, especially those from the south, as the Civil War was also called the War of Southern Independence.

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Throughout these four years, the Southern and Northern ends of the country fought recklessly for bloodshed practically against each other. For the first eighteen months of the war, federal soldiers fought solely to uphold the Constitution and preserve the nation Roark et al. Essays Essays FlashCards.

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Browse Essays. Show More. Finally, despite the enshrinement via the Constitution of an essentially conservative form of government intended to ensure a peaceful political process, the history of the United States leading up to the Civil War was a violent one.

The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are political documents, obviously, but they do more than spell out the reasons for the break of the colonies, as a unit, with Britain and how the new nation would be governed, in terms of institutions and procedures. Moreover, Northerners had invested heavily in an expansive and varied transportation system that included canals, roads, steamboats, and railroads; in financial industries such as banking and insurance; and in a large communications network that featured inexpensive, widely available newspapers, magazines, and books, along with the telegraph.

By contrast, the Southern economy was based principally on large farms plantations that produced commercial crops such as cotton and that relied on slaves as the main labour force. Rather than invest in factories or railroads as Northerners had done, Southerners invested their money in slaves—even more than in land; by , 84 percent of the capital invested in manufacturing was invested in the free nonslaveholding states.

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Yet, to Southerners, as late as , this appeared to be a sound business decision. By the per capita wealth of Southern whites was twice that of Northerners, and three-fifths of the wealthiest individuals in the country were Southerners. The extension of slavery into new territories and states had been an issue as far back as the Northwest Ordinance of When the slave territory of Missouri sought statehood in , Congress debated for two years before arriving upon the Missouri Compromise of The end of the Mexican-American War in and the roughly , square miles 1.

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  • More and more Northerners, driven by a sense of morality or an interest in protecting free labour, came to believe, in the s, that bondage needed to be eradicated. White Southerners feared that limiting the expansion of slavery would consign the institution to certain death.

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    Over the course of the decade, the two sides became increasingly polarized and politicians less able to contain the dispute through compromise. When Abraham Lincoln , the candidate of the explicitly antislavery Republican Party , won the presidential election , seven Southern states South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, and Texas carried out their threat and seceded, organizing as the Confederate States of America.

    In the early morning hours of April 12, , rebels opened fire on Fort Sumter, at the entrance to the harbour of Charleston , South Carolina. Curiously, this first encounter of what would be the bloodiest war in the history of the United States claimed no victims.

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    After a hour bombardment, Maj. Robert Anderson surrendered his command of about 85 soldiers to some 5, besieging Confederate troops under P.

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    With war upon the land, President Lincoln called for 75, militiamen to serve for three months.