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To help others with the paper, I've managed to consolidate all these ideas into a simple 4. The secret behind writing a good GP essay is finally out and shared with the public. The question that we should be asking now is What will you do?

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The General Paper Study Guide (just read current affairs)

Why this online course and not normal tuition? With this online course,. Oct , Paper 11 1 How far has your country recovered from the global financial crises? Oct , Paper 12 1 How effective, so far, are the measures your country has taken to counteract the global financial crises? Oct , Paper 11 1 How effective are the police in tackling crime where you live? Give reasons for your choice.

Oct , Paper 12 1 How far has confidence in financial institutions been undermined in your country since ?

Much more than documents.

How far has it progressed in your region? Give reasons for your choices.

Oct , Paper 11 1 What is currently the most important political challenge being faced by your country and to what extent is it being tackled? Oct , Paper 12 1 How far is it possible for corporations to combine profit-making with ethical business practices?

The General Paper Study Guide (just read current affairs) : singapore

Oct , Paper 13 1 What is the greatest social challenge currently being faced by your country and how is it being met? Justify your suggestions.

Is competition always desirable?

Is their lack of enthusiasm justified? Indicate which local writers you would include and why. Jennifer Thompson August 14, at AM.