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RSI Incoming 12th grade, mechanical engineering or robotics. Bank of America Student Leaders Program. Summer Research programs for CS. Bank of America Student Leaders TASP If you are selected for an interview, you will need to request a transcript and letter of evaluation immediately following notification from Telluride Association in March.

You will also be asked to submit an additional essay you wrote for school. Further instructions will be given at that time. TASPs have provided this opportunity for sixty-six years, and we expect the programs to continue this extraordinary tradition.

Applications will become available in November, and will be due in early January We change the application every year, but the overall scope and format will be similar. Throughout the program, students receive written and oral feedback from faculty to help them develop their writing and critical-thinking skills. Faculty may plan day trips or other events to complement the coursework.

2017 Telluride Association Summer Programs Application

Students emerge from the academic experience of TASP understanding the demands of collegiate writing and having one-on-one direction from top academic scholars. Life at TASP extends well beyond academic exploration. One of the program's remarkable features is that the students are responsible for organizing most of their out-of-classroom time through weekly group meetings and through smaller committees. This element of self-governance is an essential part of the TASP experience.

Students plan all kinds of activities, including group-wide discussions, field games, community service projects, music and theater events, reading groups, and excursions to state parks and art museums. Participants also share responsibility for keeping their environment clean and safe.

Between all of these organized events, TASP students always find time for impromptu discussions and parties, movie going, and pickup sports.

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Students also participate in a public speaking program during which they give a presentation for the TASP community on a topic of personal interest. These talks allow participants to pursue independent research, receive feedback on their public speaking style, and help promote community discussion.

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In addition to student talks, TASP features a series of lectures held by guest speakers. These events allow students to learn about a range of ideas and academic disciplines, encouraging them to develop broad interests.

Telluride Association accepts applications from faculty pairs who wish to collaboratively develop and teach a TASP seminar. Applicants should have a track record of excellent teaching and either an advanced degree or a history of exemplary cultural or intellectual production. Out-of-town faculty receive an additional stipend to help defray relocation expenses. They will serve as a liaison between you, the students, and Telluride Association throughout the course of the program.

The Summer Program Committee has a particular interest in proposals that inspire students to reflect on the nature of a just society and that encourage students to relate the course to questions of ethical citizenship, both in the small, self-governing community of TASP and in the broader world.

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We favor proposals that expose students to a wide variety of identities and ideas, especially those historically excluded from academic discourse. Successful proposals have come from a wide range of disciplines, including the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. They have often employed interdisciplinary approaches and creative pedagogical methods.

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