What superpower would you have and why essay

From Tacoma, Wa. Do teens today just truly adore these golden years of adolescence? Or is their hunger for godlike time control or temporal slicing intended for something else entirely? For about half of the teens surveyed, superpowers would be employed get more done, and get it done faster, better, with less pressure. Gen X, did your high school chit-chat include plans for increasing mental prowess?

One-upmanship for sleep deprivation due to homework? After the power to control time, many of our teen participants long to teleport. Their coordinates, however, are not set for anywhere that bends the imagination. Not Mars, Mt. Everest, or even Mall of America. The Big Teen Dream is a split-second commute between school, home, and extra-curricular activities.

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No teen planned to use their big new brain to reverse global warming or cure Zika. Superintelligence would be ideal for producing faster and better homework. Even when insta-cloning and mind-control were requested, they were just to relieve the pressure teens feel to go more places, see more people, read more things, and check more tasks off their Evernote lists. Focus Booster?

The driving force of technology in time compression was not entirely lost on the Gen Z. A couple of teens wished for superpowers to turn off all the devices, everywhere, at least once in awhile. But the vast majority of our digital natives viewed their internet-enabled environment as neither savior nor saboteur. Technology is simply integral to their connection with people and information. Digital access was viewed as a common point of disconnection with parents.


A quarter of teens believe their parents most failed to understand teen stress and time pressures. Another quarter say the generation gap is most evident in their battles over screen time. Promit G, 19, from Massachusetts, explains. Streamlining to maintain your sanity is not quite the aspiration we once expected from teens.

The yearning for love or personal happiness? For depth of understanding and authenticity? Social media was sometimes a barrier to happiness, as teens longed to jettison negativity, reduce bullying, and boost empathy.

But, as you may be coming to expect, some teens hope to boost their happiness in more…pragmatic ways. Are all teens, in all socioeconomic strata, feeling pulled in all directions by their high-engagement high-technology circumstances? Of course, not. We all know about teen dropout rates and other communal ills claiming our young. But social scientists have been observing time compression and its effects for years. And even those outside the research community are beginning to interpret each moment of the human experience as a series of interactions to be captured, analyzed, and coveted or manipulated.

Hi Miss Ale!

» If I had one superpower… Great Works '09

If I could choose to have a superpower I would like it to be transportation. You could do every thing. You can be one second in Argentina and in another in London and in the next second in Paris. You could visit every place you want in seconds. If you have to do a project of any country imagine about Italy, while you are working you can go to Italy and look for the answer.

It would be amazing!!! Kisses Caro.

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I would like to have the super power of it would be to be invisible when i want because when i want to do a joke to some one i get invisible and do it. Facu V. I would like to fly and I would also like to clean the world in 2 seconds so there are no more weather problems or things like that. Hello Miss Ale, Really interesting post and example.

I have two powers I could chose. First, a power that helped me in all the school problems I have, Math, Language, Science, etc. Second, a power to fly, it is really common because who doesn't want to fly but I like to have it because I love to feel the wind in my face and see everything. Too discover new things. I will need to think which one I'am going to chose.

Meanwhile Kisses Lucia L. I believe that if I have to imagine my imagination has to go big I have to fly with ideas. It would be lots of fun to be elastic , fly , invisble , breathe under water be super fast etc. I would use them to help humanity or even to have fun but always to use them with precaution. Hi miss ale, i would like to have the power of mentally to know everything that you learn as at school. Hi miss Ale I would like to see hear the thoughts of other people to see what things they are thinking.

If they are thinking of doing something wrong I would stop them. He miss ale, I would like to have a power that when i want to, i would move my finger and the thing that i am pointing would move and to fly because i would be very lazy and not have to: stand up, close the window and i would fly!!!!!

Marco S. I would like to have a power that is like follows: It is a power that I think about it and it comes true, but only if I say some magic words.

If you were a superhero, what would your super power be....? PSEO entrance essay

I would like to have teleckinesis to move the pen to write for me and my esays would be the best. And it would be great to move things too. Hello Miss Ale, The superpower that I want would be the power of being invisible because I coul enter the clasroom or other places without people seing me and I could go to the cinema or any place without paying because I am invisible and the one of the door cant see me and also I could go to a computer shop and take a computer or something like that.

I would like to be invisible to do mischieves and nobody can see me. I would have the power fo beeing magic imagine you could do any thing that you want and also ou can make good things for humanity ramiro. I would wish to have the intelligent. To know everytjing more things that nobody know like who the earth was created big bang is only an idea they are not sure and many th9ings that they are impossible to know. Bye, Santoiago FZ 6C. Hi miss Ale If I had a super power it would be to fly.

It would be awsome but I can't.

What Superpower Would You Want? (Ask CH)

So I coud fly the oceans, to get to places were I would like to go and to vist allot of places. See you in class Mateo P. Hello MRs Florenc!! If I could have a power I would like to fly or run very fast so that I can fly to see the people I can't see very often. So I could fly or run fast to see them and come then back to the place I was, or if I forget to do a piece of homework I do it very fast an I give it to the teacher.

Bye Pancu. I would have the common super strengh and flying abilitys etc. I am Brendan and I live in Australia. Your blog is huge and well done. I hope you can visit and comment on my blog. But I would want to be able to shape-shift into anything I wanted, even fusions of two things. If I woke to find I ahde these powers though, I would addmittedly propably use them for selfish reasons; to help myself in different areas. Hi miss ale if I would have a super power I would to freeze the time because if something bad happens i could arenge it and to I would like to be invisible because I know about everething!

Hy Miss Ale I would like to be invible and to fly it would be a lot of fun. Haha Lots of love Vicky M. I would like to have wings and have eagle vision to see if anyone's in danger, so i can help them. Also i want to fly because, birds and flight represent freedom and i want to feel like an angel. I want the power to become white, people tease me cos im black, i have no friends, from a black boy in 6B. Post a Comment. Tell us about the superpower you would like to have and how would you use it?

If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

Maybe you would like to have a power that would help you do good in this world. Or maybe you would like to have a power in an area that you find lacking within yourself. For example: perhaps you are having trouble in math; a superpower that might help with instant number recognition and formulas might come in handy. Thanks to Write Out Loud Blog for the idea. Posted by Miss Ale at Labels: writing.