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It took her three years to design and make the dress by hand. Her grandpa and uncle served as consultants on the design.

She didn't say anything about her achievement-she was raised to be humble-but her professor did. Jim Council, professor of psychology, noticed a story and photo in the local newspaper. He brought it to share with Brady's capstone psychology class. After she spoke about her experience, the class gave her a hearty round of applause. Brady participated in numerous interviews with North Dakota and Fargo-Moorhead media.

US News - 20 Celebrities That You Never Suspected Were of Native American Descent

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News home Archive. For the next year, she will represent Native Americans and Native American culture at events around the world. Follow NDSU. Why did you decide to study Native American studies and anthropology at Dartmouth? I studied Native American history as a way to understand my life experiences and to honor those who came before me. Through these classes, I gained a greater understanding of the colonial tactics used by governments to oppress First Nations peoples by taking away our languages, our right to vote and the ability to raise our children within First Nations communities and cultures.

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Growing up as a Dene person, I experienced life much differently than my non-First Nations peers. My mother, a survivor of the residential school system, instilled in me the power of education. Despite the fact that residential schools tried to assimilate First Nations people, I have used my education as a tool to create good in this world. Even as a young kid, I would go to work with my dad pretending to be his assistant. One day, for example, when my dad brought me into his office, I took over his desk with coloring pens and books.

Even though he had an important meeting that day, he allowed me to stay.

Mixed Gender Roles in Native American Culture

As a fellow First Nations person, Peter gave me hope. He showed me that, as First Nations people, we can be successful in business, too. Our success is not ours alone but the culmination of those who came before us. For this, I am grateful to Peter and The Consortium for giving me the opportunity to grow as a leader and to be of service to my community.

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In addition to pursuing your professional goals, why is it important to you to remain connected to and involved with native communities? Being of service and giving back to my community is my responsibility as a Dene person.

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Is your hope to secure a position that allows you to use your MBA to serve Native communities? Right now, though, I would love to be able to be at a company where I can continue to grow my skill set while at the same time be able to volunteer and serve my community. At certain points in your life, you may be able to give one or more [of these]. Having just graduated, what do you plan to do now? What led to your decision to pursue business as a career?

What has it meant to you to be a Consortium fellow? Newmark with Peter Aranda.