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As the style referred by academic and research industries, APA papers must present themselves in as neutral a language as possible. In addition, the APA style uses a very specific framework of citation and reference page styles.

American Psychological Association (APA) Style

Lastly, it has very specific instructions on syle pieces such as running heads and headings and subheadings. Freelance writers will need to use the APA style when working with certain industries such as sciences and particularly behavioral sciences such as sociology and psychology. Writers who offer editing services will likely need to learn APA style. Two main areas this writer has run into APA style requests has been in editing academic papers, and in writing white papers, some of which are requested to be in APA style.

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They provide a slideshow, sample documents, and a book about the style. The Balance Small Business uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. Edwards and V. Sridhar, "Analysis of software requirements engineering exercises in a global virtual team setup," Journal of Global Information Management , vol. Altun, "Understanding hypertext in the context of reading on the web: Language learners' experience," Current Issues in Education , vol.

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Barnett, Eds. Berlin: Springer, Munro, Eds. Boston: Kluwer Academic, Riley, "Call for new look at skilled migrants," The Australian , p.

Everything You Should You Know About APA Style Basics

Davis and J. Texas, Austin, Tech. NGL, Nov. Patent 3 , July 16, Use this brief guide to five major styles.

It outlines how to divide the parts of a paper, cite figures and tables, and it gives guidelines for specific grammar rules. McMurrey; Joanne Buckley. Place bracketed citations within the line of text, before any punctuation, with a space before the first bracket. Number your sources as you cite them in the paper. Once you have referred to a source and given it a number, continue to use that number as you cite that source throughout the paper.

When citing multiple sources at once, the preferred method is to list each number separately, in its own brackets, using a comma or dash bteween numbers, as such: [1], [3], [5] or [1] - [5]. Examples of in-text citations: " Title your list as References either centered or aligned left at the top of the page.

Table of contents

Create a hanging indent for each reference with the bracketed numbers flush with the left side of the page. The hanging indent highlights the numerical sequence of your references.

The author's name is listed as first initial, last name. Example: Adel Al Muhairy would be cited as A.