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There is a moral crisis in our country. Our leaders and administrative officers are corrupt. The country can be purged of such bad manners only if hard-working, honest and intelligent what are called ideal teachers come forward and produce ideal citizens.

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Under them the nation can attain the peak of greatness and glory. The future of the country definitely depends upon ideal teachers.

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With his polished manners and speech, he wins the heart of all. He has a good moral character. He is dependable person. He is honest and sincere.

He removes bad manners that he finds in his students. He has an optimistic outlook on life. He does not waste his time in idle gossip. He is true gentleman. He never loses temper. He never punishes his students. He has always smile on his face. He teaches students with love and care. He is fair and square in his dealings with others too. He is always eager to help others. It is his to do a good turn to his students and others.

India badly needs ideal teachers and they are very rare. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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    An Ideal Teacher English Essay

    Share this Like this: Like Loading Write Your Opinion Cancel reply. Notify of. Smart Student. Published in: Education , Career. Full Name Comment goes here. Are you sure you want to Yes No. Sharmaine Ramos. No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. An Ideal Teacher 1. His rank is exalted in the social hierarchy. In the hierarchy of relationship, a teacher is the one who is ranked just after our dear mostparents. Without any selfish motive he gives his precious ornament i. Knowledge to hisdisciples. The teacher is the pivot in the education.

    He is the one who elevates us from theearth to the heavens. It is the teacher who plays the most authoritative role in the life of thestudent. His consequence on the students life is genuinely eminent.

    The student is an uncutstone. The stone has to be chiselled a number of times by the teacher by using differenttypes of tools. The teacher has to take every pupil as an uneducated individual. It is theteacher who can surge the standard of education to the Himalayan height. The role of ateacher in building a strong nation is very great. A nations upheaval depends on theteachers, who are dedicated ones.

    Ideal Teacher Essay

    A teacher may be an agriculturalist, a doctor, anenvironmentalist, a builder, a sculptor, all assembled in a single person. The word Ideal according to dictionary means, "Something which is perfect" or "Model ofexcellence". So in the words of Confucius, "The Ideal teacher guides his students but doesnot pull them along; He urges them to go forward and does not suppress them; He opensthe way but does not take them to the place".

    The teachers as we cognize are plentiful butIdeal Teachers are rare of the rarest. Everybody can be a teacher but an Ideal teacher isOne in a Million. An Ideal teacher can make a lot of great students. It is an acknowledgedfact that an Ideal education cannot be imparted in absence of an Ideal teacher. Idealteachers are therefore, the dire need of every society. In fact, Ideal teachers are thebackbone of any progressive scheme of national education. A teacher should possess some sublime traits which will make him Ideal.

    An Ideal teachersows the seeds of knowledge in the mind of the taught; the fertilizer is the unbowedexperience he acquires over a period of time. It is but natural that pupils trained by anexperienced teacher would become a precious asset to the state in general. Like a doctor,the teacher treats the illness of ignorance. The pupils illness is ignorance. The ignorance isdarkness in the mind. The darkness has to be taken out by imparting knowledge. Knowledgeis light. It drives away ignorance from the mind of the people.

    The sun obliterates darknessin the night. Likewise, knowledge wipes out darkness of the mind. An Ideal teacher is like asearchlight who removes darkness completely from the mind of the pupil.

    The Ideal Teacher

    He should helpthe pupil in developing an all round personality. To become an Ideal teacher, academicattainments are not the only requirement. Eleanor Roosevelt aptly perceived "I have knownmany erudite and scholarly men and women who were dismal failures as teacher. I have 2. The unique and the foremost traits of an ideal teacher are the total dedication on her part inthe field of education. The teacher-student relationship must be established in aharmonious way and teachers must create conducive atmosphere for imparting the besteducation to students and students also in turn will show great enthusiasm in learning theirday to day lessons.

    My Best Qualities For Teaching

    An Ideal should pay respect to the students perception and the teachershould work is such a way that he gains respect. On the other hand, to enhance theintelligence quotient in the minds of children the teacher must introduce all novel methods. The teacher plays a very vital role in moulding the character of every child in general, sincemost of the time the children are with the teacher apart from being at home other than theschool hour. This feature can be best explained with the help of the following quotation, " ifwealth is lost nothing is lost, if health is lost, something is lost, if character is lost, everythingis lost".

    An Ideal Teacher Essay and Paragraph

    It is also essential that an Ideal teacher should try to cultivate civic sense amongststudents since our society should be ensured pollution-free environment in the nearestfuture. Punctuality is another feature of an Ideal Teacher which he has to foster amongst the pupilsand should explain the importance of time factor which is the dire need of the hour,particularly in a fast moving phase of ours. Being punctual to school is also a sort ofdiscipline that cannot be infringed upon at any cost. And Ideal teacher must evolve best andinnovative methods to tap the potentialities that are dormant in every child.