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My experience has been quite similar. I have also had a shift in interest and my favourite subject has changed with time. I have been a big fan of mathematics right from the time numbers were introduced to us in nursery. While my teacher had taught numbers up to 10, I learned counting up to 50 with the help of my mother.

I was so curious and keen on learning this subject that I soon began learning addition. My mother introduced fun ways of learning addition by the use of different things such as spoons, oranges, soft toys. I also learned subtraction using such innovative methods. Looking at my interest in the subject, my mother soon made me join abacus class. I also accompanied her to the toy shop to get an abacus for myself. I simply loved doing calculations using this ancient method of learning maths. Joining abacus helped me enhance my knowledge about the subject. It laid a strong base for me and I performed extremely well in the subject.

I scored high in maths. Most of the times, I got full marks in it.

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I practiced the problem sums quite often. Whenever I was asked to study, I opened my mathematics book and began solving the sums.

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I cleared the maths Olympiad with good score. I was also sent for quite a few inter-school maths competitions. Many of my classmates came to me seek help in the subject. Many still come to me to learn different topics. I help them with the subject whenever they need any kind of assistance.

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While I am still good in mathematics and my name is recommended for various mathematics competitions, I personally have grown fond of French ever since I have entered sixth standard. We had an option of choosing between Sanskrit and French as a third subject in grade sixth and I decided to go for French.

While my parents insisted that I should take up Sanskrit as my mother is well versed with the subject and could help me with it, I convinced them otherwise. Though, they did not like the idea initially however they realized I took the right decision after I started scoring high in the subject. I was always keen on learning foreign language.


It was something new and fresh and thus I was interested in it. My interest in the subject keeps me glued to it. Besides, since I took it up against the wish of my parents, I learn it with all the more zeal to prove to them that my decision was right. My French teacher is quite helpful and supportive. Her method of teaching is quite innovative. She makes us understand this new language with ease.

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  6. She has made learning so much fun and interesting. I always look forward to the French class. I and my friends also try to use the sentences we have learned as we converse with each other. I have also started following French artists and listening to French songs.

    My Favourite Book (The Holy Quran)

    French has certainly become my favourite subject and mathematics is my second favourite subject now. I am planning to leave Hindi and take up French when the option to choose between the two is given in the ninth standard. I might even take it up as a main subject during graduation. Science is one of my favourite subjects in school; in fact, it is the most favourite subject of mine. Logic makes science interesting and the fact that a principle of science applies to our everyday activities, makes it more interesting.

    Early morning dew drops over flowers, is science; the flying of birds is science; flowing of water in our taps is science; boiling of rice is a science; the running of electric motor and the occurrence of dawn and dusk, all have a scientific principle working from behind.

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    You might not notice or could be oblivious of its presence, but science is always there in the things you do or witness. Science is a systematic study of observing, analyzing, recording and finding logical justification for an event or activity. Science provides a logical explanation to every incident from — pricking of skin and feeling of pain to the Landing of space ship on moon. One of the most interesting facts about science is that, it is in a continuous process of development and there seem to be no end to it.

    This development, however, has been made possible only by humans and their curiosity to explore. Modern science of today as we know is divided into three branches.

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    Firstly, natural science consisting of physics, chemistry and biology; secondly, formal science, consisting of logic and mathematics and thirdly, social sciences consisting of economics, psychology and sociology. We will go through some of the basic advantages of science in our daily life.