Coke and pepsi in india issues ethics and crisis management case study

The goal is to get positive coverage and reviews in the media, with advocacy organizations such as the Adarsha Rural Development and the Center for Science and the Environment, and with the Indian government. Create a foundation that fuels future growth. These strategies allowed Coca-Cola to develop a strong reputation whichwould help to protect it in times of crisis. Soft drinks were customarily considered drinks of the wealthy urban elite.

However, thelower, middle, and upper-middle classes living in the rural areas represented 96 percent of theIndian population. These communities considered Coca-Cola a luxury, not a necessity or areward, so Coca-Cola India devised a comprehensive plan to broaden brand positioning andincrease awareness of the trustworthy brand within the rural population. The company increasedsales in the rural population and began to more successfully compete with more traditional drinkssuch as tea, juice, and lassi, by developing a smaller bottle of Coke that was available for half theprice.


By , 91 percent of sales were made to the lower, middle, and upper-middle classes. With that, Coca-Cola became the first corporation to make soft drinks accessible to the ruralclasses in India. Corporate Communication, 5th Edition. Boston: McGraw-Hill Irwin. The company experienced a 37 percent growth ratein , and consumption doubled since Reputation management In the past, Coca-Cola has held itself to a high standard of social responsibility, whichhas helped it to develop a reputation which we believe will help it overcome this crisis.

Internal strategies: Coca-Cola India wants the public to understand that we are dedicated to offering healthy,refreshing products of the highest quality.

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Thus, our first priority will be to re-assess our qualitytesting facilities and implement an updated water purification system throughout all Coca-Colaplants in India. We believe that our employees are our best spokespeople and will be confronted withquestions and concerns from their friends, family, and neighbors. As a result, we will ensure thatall employees are continuously updated on how the crisis is being managed.

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  • We want to presenta united image as a corporation and we will implement mandatory bi-monthly meetings that willaddress lab results, new policies and procedures, proactive grassroots efforts, and the opportunityfor employees to get involved. We will create a toll-free number which customers can call to get the latestinformation or to ask customer service operators any questions they might have.

    Additional staffwill be hired on a temporary basis to help receive calls and reduce wait times. In order toaccommodate for this increase in cost, the salaries of executives making an equivalent of morethan , U. Salaries will be reassessed andadjusted after the crisis has been resolved. Tests The board will beresponsible for holding Coca-Cola to stricter quality control standards, and will conduct regularquality control tests at all factories in the country.

    It will also work with the 11 other beveragecorporations accused of having high levels of pesticides in an attempt to establish itself as aleader within the industry. Once we have implementedmanufacturing changes and proven that we meet EEC standards, the Quality Control Board willimmediately appeal to the government and the Center for Science Environment to lift the bansplaced on our products throughout India.

    We hope the end result of the lift is an increase in salesand stocks. We plan to establish healthier, cleaner communities in both rural and urban areas. The company will strive to put wells in rural areas, so people can have clean drinking water. Itwill also work with prominent environmental groups to create a grass roots initiative to clean uprivers, ponds, and lakes throughout the country. This partnership will create harvesting structures in 40 SOS villages across the country, which will provide a sustainable source of water for the village and teach children about water conservation.

    This program will create a safer environment for Indians living in both urban and ruralareas and will also create more jobs. Once the new program has been established, consumers will be able tofeel confident that when they purchase Coke products stamped with the logo, the product is notonly safe for consumption, but was also created in a way that did not harm the environment. As part of the campaign, we will host regular taste tests in urban and rural communities,allowing people to decide for themselves that Coke is a quality refreshment.

    At every taste testwe will recruit people to join our efforts in creating a cleaner India.

    Coca-Cola's Groundwater Pollution in India

    We want to engage ourpublics in community service tasks such as cleaning trash out of ponds, rivers, and lakes, boilingtheir groundwater for personal use, and reducing litter. Though an number will be available for our customers,we will encourage them to find answers to their questions on the site or to e-mail a customerservice representative. This short book describing case phenomena such as coke and hygiene. Endothelial C-type natriuretic peptide and vascular homeostasis.

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    PepsiCo's can tampering rumors (1993)

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