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The impact of Slavery has caused irreparable damage which can be seen to date. Even after the abolishment of slavery in the s in America, racial tensions remained amongst the citizens. In other words, this made them drift apart from each other instead of coming close. Slavery also gave birth to White supremacy which made people think they are inherently superior just because of their skin color and descendant.

Talking about the other forms of slavery, human trafficking did tremendous damage. It is a social evil which operates even today, ruining hundreds and thousands of innocent lives. Slavery is the sole cause which gave birth to all this. Get the huge list of more than Essay Topics and Ideas. Even though slavery was abolished over years ago, the scars still remain.

It lives on in their hearts which has made them defensive more than usual. They resent the people whose ancestors brought it down on their lineage. Even today many people of color are a victim of racism in the 21st century. For instance, black people face far more severe punishments than a white man. They are ridiculed for their skin color even today.

Modern Day Slaves

There is a desperate need to overcome slavery and all its manifestations for the condition and security of all citizens irrespective of race, religion , social, and economic position. In short, slavery never did any good to any human being, of the majority nor minority. It further divided us as humans and put tags on one another. One needs to be socially aware of these evils lurking in our society in different forms.

The Long History of American Slavery Reparations

We must come together as one to fight it off. Every citizen has the duty to make the world a safer place for every human being to live in. Impact of Slavery Slavery is one of the main causes behind racism in most of the cultures. Get the huge list of more than Essay Topics and Ideas The Aftermath Even though slavery was abolished over years ago, the scars still remain. Just as the child who must break free from the mentality of enslavement, so must the state break free from the ideologies of cynicism, hypocrisy and deceit and accept a positive view of freedom and cooperation of the society.

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The belief in freedom is most prominent in societies where individuals feel responsible for their actions. Accountability and respect for fellow citizens are important in any civilized and safe community but safe communities cannot be created where the lack of education, unemployment and poverty threaten the rights of the people. Thus freedom has a fundamental role in society; it is in many a sense the basis for the existence of law, because freedom always involves choice. That is to say the creation of a social contract is in the interest of each and every one; the personal freedom achievable for any person by agreeing to be part of society is greater than that possible by refraining from the society.

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If one would refrain from the social contract, one would only achieve the freedoms one would be capable of attaining by force or cunning. In that sense, when one accepts the society and upholds the responsibilities of a social contract, the state becomes the arbiter for disharmonies that arise in the society. The state constitutes a framework in which maximum freedom is created for the maximum number of people. Therefore it is the weakening of the social contract that creates slavery and unfreedom. In modern societies that are increasingly interconnected and globalized every person is more connected to everyone else than ever before.

One can see on television how the children in the slums of Brazil prefer buying access to a computer to spending the same money on food. Social networking sites are connecting people in ways not imaginable before the rise of the Internet.

English Essay - Evolution of Slavery

Because of the profound importance of the Internet in the contemporary world one must consider its impact on freedom. Both the United Nations and the European Union have pressed for the right to Internet to become a human right. Thus while Internet access has so far not been enshrined in law or in an updated declaration of human rights, there is widespread recognition in the International community of the profound importance of the Internet in the protection freedom.

Consequently, the way out of enslavement is trust and technology. Two hundred years ago Europeans enslaved many thousands in pursuit of profit; today forced labor and slavery are largely pushed out of Europe. History does not give the ones with power the license to go through with any sort of atrocities because in the past worse has already been done. Trough the power of communication technology, the Internet and the Media, it is no longer so hard to explain why people should be granted freedom; the former narratives that allowed for slavery such as national or racial supremacy are being broken down.

Technology is the source freedom and democratic power. The ideas of the Social Contract today have stronger platform on the Internet than ever before, transcending political divisions and embracing the whole of humanity in all of its diversity.

What is modern slavery? - Anti-Slavery International

Anti-Slavery Project. Global Estimates of Slavery.

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