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Many have thought shakespeare himself to harbour anti-semitic feeling through his depiction of shylock; whereas others believe shylock to be his outcry against this very thing.

We will write a custom essay. Throughout the merchant of venice, the themes of mercy and justice are continuously contradicting when it comes to shylock's situation with antonio, in the court scene. The merchant of venice - william shakespeare - b. There was a merchant in bagdad who sent his servant to market to buy provisions and in a little while the servant came back, white and trembling, and said, master, just now when i was in the marketplace i was jostled by a woman in the crowd and when i turned i saw it was death that jostled me.

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The wordsworth classics' shakespeare series, with 'romeo and juliet', 'henry v' and 'the merchant of venice' as its inaugural volumes, presents a newly-edited sequence of william shakespeare's works. Sparknotes the merchant of venice. Reasons to write an essay. Harold bloom essay merchant venice. The three topics to compare and contrast are; characters including antonio vs. Merchant of venice introduction the play that has been chosen for the critique and analysis of the characters, story structure, climax and the discussion of themes for direction is the "merchant of venice".

Friendship in the merchant of venice gcse english. Merchant of venice essay how to write a simple business plan sample clothing store business plan essay on trusting yourself what dissertation means how to submit an assignment on blackboard frankenstein essay theme questions mla research proposal outline creative. Merchant of venice portia essay help.

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And if you wrong introduction for merchant of venice essay us, shall we not revenge. What is a random assignment in psychology essays on artificial intelligence pdf business plans samples pdf download dissertation review comments critical thinking activities in social studies essay introduction paragraphs topics of pr to do research proposal on research paper on indian typography long term business plan example employment law memo assignment gender writing paper background 8 x Order essay online cheap merchant of venice character diary.

Drought in california essay bar drought in california essay bar net war and terrorism essay merchant of venice antonio essay essay on advertisement i like the most there is time for everything essays bakuchiol synthesis essay anglo saxon english language history essay bakit mahalaga ang edukasyon essay. Whatsoever be the denouement, it is hereby justified. Let Shylock be as implacable as he may, assuredly he will no more than equal his instruction. Even granting that he obtains it, a pound of Antonio's flesh will never outweigh, in the scales of reprisal, the millions of corpses heaped in the Christian shambles by a butchery [8] of thirteen centuries.

I could have told him something that would have pleased him - namely, that his cousin, Herr von Shylock in Paris, had become the mightiest baron in Christendom, invested by her Catholic Majesty with that Order of Isabella which was founded to celebrate the expulsion of the Jews and Moors from Spain.

Shylock in The Merchant of Venice

But I found him nowhere on the Rialto, and I determined to seek my old acquaintance in the Synagogue. The Jews were just then celebrating their Day of Atonement, and they stood enveloped in their white talars, with uncanny motions of the head, looking almost like an assemblage of ghosts.

There the poor Jews had stood, fasting and praying, from earliest morning; - since the evening before they had taken neither food nor drink, and had previously begged pardon of all their acquaintances for any wrong they might have done them in the course of the year, that God might thereby also forgive them their wrongs - a beautiful custom, which, curiously enough, is found among this people, strangers though they be to the teaching of Christ. And yet I felt he must be hidden under one of those white talars, praying more fervently than his fellow-believers, looking up with stormy, nay frantic wildness, to the throne of Jehovah, the hard God-King.

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I saw him not. But towards evening, when, according to the Jewish faith, the gates of Heaven are shut, and no prayer can then obtain admittance, I heard a voice, with a ripple of tears that were never wept by eyes. It was a sob that could only come from a breast that held in it all the martyrdom which, for eighteen centuries, had been borne by a whole tortured people. It was the death-rattle of a soul sinking down dead tired at heaven's gates. And I seemed to know the voice, and I felt that I had heard it long ago, when, in utter despair, it moaned out, then as now, 'Jessica, my girl!

This is the cry that went up from Egypt, from the Roman amphitheatre, from the dungeons of the Spanish Inquisition. We hear its echo all through the Dark Ages; and the genius of Shakespeare voiced it as it had never been voiced before - or since. Shylock is a man more sinned against than sinning, whom the inhumanity of the whole world has made inhuman. Long brooding over the shameful treatment of his people has marred his character and dried up the founts of tenderness in his bosom.

Occupying middle ground between these two extremes is the interpretation which regards Shylock as essentially the conventional avaricious, bloodthirsty Jew, a neighbour and near bred to Marlowe's monster, the Jew of Malta , but humanized by what Boas has called Shakespeare's 'almost superhuman, plastic power' - humanized sufficiently to win for him, in certain scenes especially, a measure - a large measure it may be - of the reader's sympathy, but not enough to justify the interpretation given above, which makes Shylock and not Antonio the hero of the play.

This interpretation, as given in Ward's History of English Dramatic Literature , [10] is as follows, " It is, I am convinced, only modern readers and modern actors who suppose that Shakespeare consciously intended to arouse the sympathy of his audience in behalf of the Jew. The sympathy which, notwithstanding, is aroused, is in truth merely the adventitious result of the unconscious tact with which the poet humanized the character. Christian merchant Antonio resulted to his own destruction when things fail to work according to his will.

Shylock suffers a spiritual ruin when the clever Portia helps Antonio in solving the case in the court. Portia disguised as Bellario and Nerissa as a law clerk articulately influence the outcome of the court especially when Shylock adamantly refuses to show mercy for Antonio. Portia then allows him to get the pound of flesh as stipulated by the signed agreement and that was to be done without spilling of even a dot of blood.

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Shylock gives up and thus losing the case resulting to being fined for conspiring to murder Antonio and this forces him to lose have of his property and in addition is forced to convert to Christianity Barton, After Portia striping Shylock off his property he becomes broke and loses his Jewish religion and this is as result of the combined forces from the Christian community both outside and in the court. During the time of Shakespeare Jews were treated harshly by the Venice Christians and nobody really cared whether they lived or died. If Jews failed to pay the money taxed on them individually or collectively, then their property especially land was confiscated and defaulters imprisoned.

Therefore the Jews population was treated harshly and with a lot of disrespect by Christians who lived in Venice during the renaissance period. This prompted Shakespeare to develop the character of Shylock in Merchant of Venice as to portray the bitterness that Jews felt as a reaction to the harsh treatment they were accorded to by the Christian community.

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During the time of renaissance Jews had to be portrayed and villain ands people never expected anyone of them to show any drop of compassion for his enemy because the Christians were the ones expected to show compassion towards others especially the Jews who were stereotypically viewed as the murderers of Jesus Christ thus forcing Shylock who is a Jew to behave like the devil. This construction of Shylocks character give Christians like Portia the chance to show their mercy when he corners him using the law which was his only weapon and strips him his property only to give half of it back after he loses his religion to become Christian.

The behavior of Shylock charging usury gives Antonio the Christian another chance to show him mercy by refusing to collect part of his goods as a compensation for his conspiration to eliminate him. The outcome of the court forces Shylock to kneel and beg for mercy from the Christians judges which served the interests of the renaissance Christian population in Venice Shakespeare et al, In conclusion, the discussions and argument made in the essay goes beyond any reasonable doubt that the character of the Shylock who is one of the main characters in the play Merchant of Venice by Shakespeare is heavily constructed by the presence, interactions ad behaviors of the Christian community who happened to be the neighbors of the character.

Shylock becomes greedy, alienated, villain, infidel, unreasonable, rigid and even a murderer which all are linked to his dear intentions in trying to avenge for himself and the rest of the Jews for what he terms as inhuman, intolerable and ill treatment by the Christians in Venice and the neighborhood. He beliefs that by taking a revenge by killing Antonio he will have succeeded in making the Christians pay for the past unacceptable behaviors against Jews.

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