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Previous Archives. Gregory Wolfe There is no such thing as an artist: there is only the world, lit or unlit as the light allows. And that, I thought, was that. Perhaps I had quailed a bit when she came hurtling at me with that hug. Off she went. Certainly, I mused, that was finally that. But no.

As the questions began to peter out, I fought to hold my tongue but failed.

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What a wonderful question. Thank you. I paused for just a moment. Related Essays. More Essays. Welcome to Image. We curate content just for you. Email Address. Pin It on Pinterest. She appreciates what can only be felt, not seen.

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Dillard then discusses blindness, another kind of not seeing. She relates several anecdotes about people who underwent surgery to regain their sight, many of whom were unable to adjust to their new ability. The blind possess a kind of spatial awareness that sighted people do not, she says, and the blind describe the world from a completely different and fresh perspective.

Pilgrim at Tinker Creek

Seeing is a miracle, Dillard explains, but not seeing can also open one up to a different realm of consciousness. Exploring darkness and blindness gives her more appreciation for the light. Sometimes, the world appears completely new, almost like a painting. Like a spiritual revelation, these moments happen as if by chance. For Dillard, seeing is a religious experience in which she feels herself in the presence of something greater than herself.

She writes about birding, fish, trees, and even a jar full of pond water, which she takes home to observe, finding inside it many tiny living creatures. Dillard makes it clear that although she is not a trained scientist, her relationship to nature is more than passing.

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She mentions specific names of plants and she displays great knowledge of bird and animal behavior. She also makes reference to specialists and natural scientists in the body of her essay, bringing in support for her observations. She is especially fascinated with the science of sight, and a long passage in the essay is devoted to referencing the work of blindness specialists. Dillard is fascinated with what science can reveal about the world and how it can help her understand what she sees.

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For Dillard, science is another kind of sight; it is a methodology that reveals what is not obviously visible. Seeing - Annie Dillard Trees Light This essay offers a unique interpretation of Dillard's ideas about vision and reality. Seeing a total solar eclipse is 'like standing on another planet and ' lesson summary'seeing', is a personal essay from annie dillard's pulitzer prize-winning non-fiction book pilgrim at tinker creek. This essay is how I explain Dillard views how the mind and the sense of sight interact, therefore what that means to us.