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Salma Anjum is an organization that provides classes for abacus and vedic maths in nagpur and Mumbai which helps students explore new dimensions in the field of knowledge and stimulate their minds.

How does Vedic Maths help School children and Competitive Exam aspirants?

The primary objective is to impart children with those skills that are essential for life, but not necessarily taught in school. The classes seek to teach children to love learning for its own sake, and to develop a scientific and questioning temperament. Become a member.

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Vedic Mathematics/What is Vedic Mathematics?

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  • Discover Medium. In , this was collated into a book entitled Introductory Lectures on Vedic Mathematics. A few successive trips to India by Andrew Nicholas between and , renewed the interest in Vedic math, and scholars and teachers in India started taking it seriously.

    Multiplying any two 2 digit number in 3 seconds.

    Interest in Vedic maths is growing in the field of education where maths teachers are looking for a new and better approach to the subject. Even students at the Indian Institute of Technology IIT are said to be using this ancient technique for quick calculations.

    Quite a few years ago, St James' School, London, and other schools began to teach the Vedic system, with notable success. Today this remarkable system is taught in many schools and institutes in India and abroad, and even to MBA and economics students. When in , Maharishi Mahesh Yogi brought to light the marvels of Vedic maths, Maharishi Schools around the world incorporated it in their syllabi.

    Anurupyena Binomial Method

    At the school in Skelmersdale, Lancashire, UK, a full course called "The Cosmic Computer" was written and tested on 11 to year-old pupils, and later published in According to Mahesh Yogi, "The sutras of Vedic Mathematics are the software for the cosmic computer that runs this universe. Research is being undertaken in many areas, including the effects of learning Vedic maths on children.

    A great deal of research is also being done on how to develop more powerful and easy applications of the Vedic sutras in geometry, calculus, and computing. There are obviously many advantages of using a flexible, refined and efficient mental system like Vedic math.

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    • Pupils can come out of the confinement of the 'only one correct' way, and make their own methods under the Vedic system.