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For instance, the subsequent empowering of the federal investigators has greatly been used to hijack various transactions involving trafficking of cocaine and other illegal drugs from the Mexican coast into America. The intelligence services has successfully obtained sensitive information regarding such deals from wiretaps as well as grand jury investigations and thereby being prime positioned to ambush and hijack such deals before they eventually materialize.

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Similarly, the national security organs have extended powers to maintain vigilance on internet usage. On a number of instances, the US patriot act has been cited as infringing on the constitutional provisions of the Americans. Subsequently, its legality has been challenged in courts of law but the Obama regime his since held onto it arguing that it is the best approach to fighting financial aids to the terror and other militia groups broad as well as depriving them of vital information they might require to launch terrorist attacks. The Federal Bureau of Investigations which is the lead organ in the implementation of the act alongside other national security organs have since found the law as an avenue to continuously enrich themselves by soliciting for bribes from civilians while threatening to arrest and detain them.

These security organ agents often harass innocent people, infringe on their privacy by forcefully carrying out unwarranted searches in individual bank accounts, email accounts, homes and even business premises on account that they suspect such individuals of involvement in terror. Even when there could be no any substantial evidence linking the individual to terror, the security agents will arrest and loch down the individuals threatening to detain them only to let them go when they bribe their way out.

A number of US residents, especially immigrants have fallen to this trap of greed security agents. While Operation Green Guest was carried out to identify criminals within Northern Virginia, a number of Muslim residents were equally frightened and angered by the manner in which Operation Green Guest was carried out. This was a total abuse of the provisions of the act by the security agents.

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Some of the individuals arrested during this operation were later detained and secretly deported thereby denying them chance to legal counsel. While the government held to it that it was searching for suspected financial aids to terrorists abroad, the Muslim community on the other hand felt it was discriminatively being targeted by the security organs therefore denied existence of such financial transactions. They also largely protested at the manner in which the act was being implemented. The US patriot act, as the name suggests, was created to instill and encourage and thereby provide a collective approach to fight terrorism that had threatened America.

The act was therefore intentionally designed to safeguard all the sensitive information regarding the American national security as well as to ensure that the various security organs were actually aware of what the public knew about National security. Indeed the encouragement of the public to give out any vital information that could help counter terrorism was largely lauded as a patriotic spirit and show of love for the country. The implementation of the act has seen a significant drop in terror related cases in the US as well as greatly helped control Mexican drug barons and cartels who smuggle cocaine into America.

However, the implementation of the act has not gone without blame. A number of US residents, especially immigrants and the Muslim community have severely complained as being discriminated against and thereby falling victims of wrong implementation of the act. The security organs agents have abused the provisions of the same act to harass innocent civilians, infringe on their privacy and wrongfully detain them on basis of no admissible evidence.

As the act faces possible extension upon its closure, the congress should make some amendments on the act as it is to provide checks and balances especially in regard to its implementation. Ball, H.

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United States. The act also provides for sharing of the intelligence gatherings between two or more agencies. But the types of information that could be shared include information revealed to a court previously prohibited by law , telephone and internet intercepts obtained without court order and without restrictions on the subsequent use of the intercepted information. The above mentioned is just one of the many potential and realistic threats posed by the draconian law.

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Torture is a policy that comes intrinsically with the Act. The shocking scenes of torture in Abu Gharib may not have been forgotten. Abu Gharib and Guntanamo Bay and many others of similar type are the context for understanding the U. A recent example of misuse of the act by officials in power for political gains is the De Lay issue in which a former Republican leader in the House of Representatives Tom De Lay was embroiled in an effort to pick up more congressional seats in Texas by forcing a redistricting vote.

The clauses make it easy not only to catch people in a sinister pseudo-legal net, but to hide them away from the legal remedies and other remedies that could check what forms of torture the government is using against them. The research will seek to find extend of compromises, the act makes in the field of human rights. It would be incorrect to maintain that legislations of similar kinds have been enacted before in the history of USA.

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Throughout its history, whenever the United States has fought a war, it has taken measures that compromise civil rights. If an American was involved at any time in this process, the government had 72 hours to obtain judicial approval. That is, the government was permitted to track telephone calls and electronic communications, such as e-mails, of those suspected of terrorism or spying for the enemies of the United States.

Title I.

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Title I is designed to enhance domestic security. This title provides funds for counterterrorism, increases technical support for the FBI, and expands the National Electronic Task Force.

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Title II. Title II is designed to improve and broaden law enforcement powers to conduct surveillance of agents of foreign powers who are related to terrorist activities within the United States. In addition, Title II permits the government to delay notification of search warrants to those individuals targeted in an investigation. Title III. Title III expands law enforcement powers to access, seize, and control financial records and transactions and to investigate money laundering. Title VI. Title IV is designed to improve the protection of U.

Title V. Title V is designed to improve communication between law enforcement agencies. It extends the powers of the U. Secret Service and forces educational institutions to share information about foreign students with law enforcement agencies.