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The key is to hold ourselves accountable to actually do it. Such a great topic and how timely as Peter pointed out. I think a great number of us here are fortunate to be able choose a life of purpose in so many ways…we still need to make that choice! Now our children grow up and have countless influences — some not so great, but hopefully many that are amazing like ourselves, if we choose to be. What they choose as their purpose not just their career path is limitless. They still need us to guide them as our parents guided us to the right choices so they can be fulfilled in the deepest way.

Marc, you make two very interesting points. Unfortunately, many of us take that for granted. Lolly, your sentiments mean a lot to me. You were the inspiration behind this post. There are so many people in this world who are takers. You are an inspiration and role model for me as well as so many others. Thank YOU. What a great post.

Most of the executives I have coached on how to regain their life used one of your examples. It is so easy to get lost in what culture says it means to be successful, but the most important thing is what does your heart say is successful. That is truly a fantastic article. However, I am blessed to have an amazing wife who has helped me see that family is much more important than any career or any salary. We have two young children and since I made the conscience decision about two years ago to focus more time on my family, my career and salary have improved greatly. I recently changed jobs and have found a company that supports my priorities of family first.

I cannot tell you what a difference that has made in my life. I am now working to solidify the notions you suggest above and passing along what I know to the people around me. Dear Frank,I always find your writing sincere, valuable and wise beyond words.

Thank you for always sharing. God bless. I hope all is well with you and your family. I cannot read, learn, reflect and apply the wisdom in these articles fast enough. Thank you so much for writing them AND keeping them online. Blessed Thanksgiving to you and yours, KathyB.

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Thank YOU for sharing the posts and for offering your comments. I appreciate it. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Here are a few scenarios that describe this emptiness: Lonely at the top.

If any of these scenarios sound familiar to you, it may be time for a course correction. Living Life with a Purpose Although everyone is different, there are common threads that bind a life with purpose. Comments Insightful post Frank that can inspire through your analytic assessment of what demoralizes. Many obstacles that actually stop growth are unidentified. Once we see them, we can solve them. Nice treatment of this subject and I will share with many. Happy Holidays! Reminding us of our good values — and priorities — is important and powerful.

Your writing has a purpose for all of us! Thank you, Frank.

An Essay by Einstein -- The World As I See It

And yet I still must remind myself this important lesson. Have a great day! Frank: Great post, as always. Thanks for always reminding me about this lesson. Thanks so much. Stacy, Terry, Rossana Thanks so much for your thoughts. Stacy, Thanks for your kind words. This post is stunning- in its delivery, in it sentiments and in its passion. I am so grateful that you have taken the time to share from your heart and brilliant mind. Grateful to you Lolly. Best, Frank. Frank, …..

Thank you for living your life with such passionate purpose. Awesome article is a insight of real achievement in life. Thank you for your candor, openness, and honesty. Keith Thorneburg.

What Is The Purpose Of Human Life Philosophy Essay

Lolly, cgmagia, Michael, Keith Thanks so much for your thoughts. Thanks so much Lau. And, thank YOU for sharing my posts with your friends and colleagues. Keep in touch my friend. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Be happy 2. Everyone is different and yet we all ask the same question.

In my class right now there are twenty-three students. Students that have grown up together and long-time friends and some are newer than others.

2. What Is the Purpose of My Life Essay

Is it to be happy? Everyone has that desire, to have happiness.

Short essay on human life

We even base our decision we by how it will affect our happiness. In our life we experience happiness and unhappiness, but we are oblivious as to what happiness is. What comes to mind when thinking of happiness? Is it pleasure, the thought of the good life, prosperity, or is it something else? Why Live? What is the purpose of life? What drives you to wake up every morning? Aristotle says through his lectures later published in Nicomachean Ethics that humans ought to have a purpose, an end goal, which they are constantly striving for.

Happiness is. Sylvia Plath and Philip Larkin had very different outlooks on life and the purpose of life, Plath very much injected her personal experiences into her writing and was a passionate poet. Larkin was arguably a more realistic and observant poet, which in turn made him more pessimistic.

Obtaining a life of meaning and purpose in life is something that every human being struggles with. Trying to find yourself and locate your value in society. That feeling of acceptance comes from everything, your back round, your race, your skin color, your religious belief, your political belief. God intended for us to be here in this world but he leaves your meaning and purpose for you to find and seek it through whatever lessons and teachings you find.


Its functions include the ability to take in food, adapt to the environment, grow, and reproduce. What purpose in the grandest scheme of things does life serve? We have such a small effect on the universe, and it was just fine for billions of years before we came along.

Philosophers around the world have been asking these questions for as long as humans could think logically. Some would say that the purpose of life is to please a God, while others would say that it is to be happy in the world. These many varying views and opinions about how we should live our lives forms …show more content…. I want to meet the Dalai Lama, or even shake his hand.

My entire life waits before me, like the coastline of the homeland of a homesick sailor. My only limit to what I can do is the length of my lifetime. Something else I like to believe in is that everyone on this Earth has a calling. There is some activity that everyone has a natural affinity to.