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Fehrenbacher, ed. A revealing picture of Lincoln rendered through a selection of his personal and official letters, speeches, and public papers. Jesse Lemisch. Availing himself of the best texts and the latest scholarship in the field, the editor presents a lively and authentic portrait of Benjamin Franklin, the whole man. Heffner, ed. Here are the documents, speeches, and letters which have forged American history — ranging from the Declaration of Independence to John F.

美国经典短文集 英文原版小说 The Signet Book of American Essays 全英文版 英语书籍 进口原版英文书 正版现货 - 官方自营

Kennedy's most important speeches — with interpretations of their significance. P, 60c The portrait of an extraordinary American, which reveals the personality of the man who was third President of the United States and architect of freedom and democracy. The stirring account of the historic expedition across America's great Northwest. Edited, with an introduction, by John Bakeless. Foreword by John C.

John de Crevecoeur A brilliant description of early American life from the coast of New England to the frontier forests and the deep South. Also includes Sketches of 18th-Century America.

The Signet Book of American Essays

Truman Vol. Foreword by A. Guthrie, Jr. Herald Tribune. Rankin A powerful account of the American Revolution gleaned from letters, diaries, and battlefield reports of eyewitnesses and participants. Padover, ed. Pertinent excerpts from Jefferson's writings. Eisenhower Vol. Maps and Tables. Complete with maps. Chai A social, political, and cultural survey of China. Edited, with an introduction, by Irene Gordon. Analysing concepts of world history as diverse as those of Toynbee and St. Augustine, he harmonizes these insights into a system of meaning for today.

Northcote Parkinson The irreverent historian who created Parkinson's Law views the seesaw of power between Occident and Orient — from ancient Sumeria to modern Russia. Lawrence From its ancient beginnings to the days of Krushchev — here is a chronicle of Russia's lands and people which points out the forces and events of the past which have made the Russia of today. Muller A panoramic history of the rise and fall of civilizations in the cities of Asia Minor, where the ideas and armies of East and West have met through the centuries. Selections , Irving R.

Levine A top N. Gilbert This book, by the prison psychologist at the Nuremberg jail, reveals the innermost thoughts of the Nazi defendants at the Nuremberg trials and exposes the psychological motivations of men responsible for Dachau and Buchenwald. Metraux and Francois Crouzet, editors Eminent scholars and theologians review the recent changes and transformations that have taken place within the Judeo-Christian and oriental religions.

From the Journal of World History. Here is the China which until now only the Chinese themselves have known. McNeill Monumental one-volume study, winner of the National Book Award, in narrative form, of the whole human community — East. Many photographs. Roberts A penetrating analysis of our relations with Russia, in view of global tensions created by atomic discoveries. Kennan A vital history of the diplomatic relations between the U. Walter Wallbank The political, economic, and social forces which have shaped modern India and Pakistan.

Maps, drawings. Kennedy The cultural and political development of Japan from its first emperor through the Second World War to its present position as a member of the Western Alliance. Woodward This concise study by an eminent scholar clearly relates the political dynamics of the sixteenth-century to the subsequent course of English history. Aylmer The struggle between Crown and Parliament during the eighty- six years between the accession to the throne of James I and that of William and Mary. Harris The triumph of Parliamentary government, the rise of great statesmen, and the development of commerce and trade which made England a world power skillfully presented in concise form.

Jarman A highly readable account of England's most catastrophic years, as she passed from a position of unrivaled strength through two wars that threatened her very existence. Muller An exciting inquiry into the lessons of history, the meaning they hold for the present crisis of civilization and the reasons for hope in the future. Fairservis, Jr.

The Oxford Book of American Essays

The cultural and political history of Nubia, Egypt, and the Sudan from the earliest civilizations through the glories of the Pharaohs to British rule. Diagrams, maps, and photographs. Dudley, tr. The famous history of Roman society, its rulers and its wars, from 14 A. Maps, drawings, photographs. MQ, 95c Lb..

Toynbee, ed.

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  5. A selection from the writings of outstanding Greek historians including Herodotus, Polybius, Xenophon and Thucydides with an illuminating introduction by the editor and translator, A. Bowra This brilliant survey of all phases of classical culture sums up the incredible Greek achievement from its dawn in the epics of Homer to its decay after the fall of Athens in B.

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    With forty-eight pages of photographs. The editor has chosen and lucidly translated selections which demonstrate that our present-day experiences are akin to those that prompted Herodotus, Thucydides, Polybius and others to record the history of their times. Lindeman, ed. A distinguished selection of the lives of six outstanding figures of ancient Greece and Rome: Lycurgus, Solon, Pericles, Alci- biades, Cicero, and Alexander.

    Rouse, tr. The translator of The Iliad and The Odyssey brings to life the immortal March of the Ten Thousand in this vigorous, brilliantly readable translation. Covers man's prehistoric past from the early ape-man in Africa through the emergence of Homo sapiens, the differentiation of races, and the peopling of the Americas.

    Illustrated with plates, drawings, maps, and photographs. The complete war diaries of one of the great generals of all time — Julius Caesar's first-hand account of his military campaigns and conquests in a fresh, vital translation. Profusely illustrated. Kennan An important evaluation of 20th-century foreign policy, which reveals the strength and weaknesses of American diplomacy today, and discusses the challenge of Soviet power. Here are the reasons why Viet Nam has become the hottest trouble spot in the world today. Abridged for the modern reader by Richard Heffner.

    Smith and E.


    Introduction by Clinton Rossiter. Thorne, William H. Dunham, Jr.

    Introduction by Erwin N. Johnson and Barry Goldwater. Foreword by Oliver LaFarge.

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    Many illustrations. Neustadt A timely analysis of the function and authority of the Presidency and the politics of executive leadership. Introduction by Christian Gauss. Suggs The chronicle of an expedition to Nuku Hiva in the Marquesas Islands, during which the author reconstructed much of the life of a long-vanished society. Commissioner of Indian Affairs. Suggs The origin of the Polynesians, their migrations, their culture and customs.