Internet is a curse essay

It is an infinite wealth of information, a convenient communication tool, and makes completing school work easier than ever.

The Internet is a Blessing or Curse - Oman Essay

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Many companies report great success in using our approach partially due to the ease of communicating the plan to all functional areas of the business. He was the associate editor-in-chief of Organization Science and served for three years as associate editor of Administrative Science Quarterly. Essays Essays FlashCards. Concerned parents worried that their internet savvy children were unsuspectingly being lured by predators over the internet chat rooms.

As the years progressed, anonymous internet sites started to disappear from the mainstream.

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With the start of the age of social media, most of the internet is linked between large social sites like Twitter and Facebook. Only a few bastions of true anonymity remain, most notably the controversial website: 4chan. People now are calling for the total abolishment of anonymity on the internet, showing that the lack of accountability created by being anonymous has led to cyber bullying and crimes. My relationship with being anonymous on the internet started when I was only I enjoyed building and painting World War 2 models in my spare time, but I never talked about it among friends, for fears that I would be deemed a nerd or a freak.

One day while looking up a model I found a site for enthusiast to talk about building and painting these models. I joined the site and a whole new world opened up to me. Finally I could talk with people who were interested in the same things I was without fear of embarrassment or criticism for my hobby. I soon found other sites, ones for movies, games and sports that required no sign in or any form of identification.

From there I met groups of people that I continue to talk with this day. Some of my best friends in real life, I have made online.

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They went to my school and I would have never approached them otherwise, however, after we started playing Halo together we became close friends and still are to this day. Being anonymous on the internet has also helped me to be more open in real life. As I learned online, you sometimes just have to throw yourself out there to make friends.

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The total freedom to say whatever you want is definitely a plus, but it is often abused. I have likened being in an anonymous website to a gold mine. The only problem with this goldmine is that everything in between the gold is manure. You have to wade through hundreds of unintelligent, rude and unsavory comments to find just a few enlightening and funny ones.

Bullying is also an issue. The very nature of anonymity causes the line between good and bad to be blurred, making the topic difficult to debate. Courts have struggled with laws that regulate anonymity.

This process starts with notifying the user of your intent to file a charge against him or her. If their attack continue, then the case will be brought to court and the court will review the defaming statements and determine if they are worthy of a case. I feel that this method is a great model for how the courts should handle cases involving anonymous users attacking someone.

There are many out there who are too afraid to notify someone if they are being attacked online. They might fear reprisal attacks or being laughed at.

Social Networks : Blessing Or Curse? Essay

It is in this vein that the Dendrite Case fails. For those unfamiliar with the internet and even those who are, anonymity is a scary and unsettling thought. The idea that millions of people can have can talk unfiltered without any accountability is both astounding and frightening.

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I find that it is an untapped resource of inspiration and relaxation. There I can be myself and talk with people about things controversial issues and voice my opinion on them without fear of ridicule or hate. Like I said before, it is not all roses and sunshine; there is still a lot of bad things on the internet, as there is with anything. It is in that vein that I feel, anonymity cannot possibly be covered by one single law or reform.