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Flat Earth claims seem more like a psyop to raise internest in classical physics — and a very effective one. I think it stems from the open-arms acceptance of new technologies. When the promise and expectations are high, the results are usually poor.

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Pfft, more round-earth propaganda! You ball-lovers are sheep! Sheep I tell you!

Call for Papers: Color representation and cortical-inspired image processing

Illuminati confirmed. The difference being, and on this I have a strong opinion — no direct evidence, that FlatEarthers are trolls, very successful trolls at that, with maybe some true believers thrown in by accident. These people are a religious cult. Having lived through communism, and still living with its consequences, these people and I call them that no because they would identify as such, but because they are behaving like they were are devastating, and they leave scorched earth, not flat earth, behind. In my country it was the highest hierarchies of intellectuals that always gave the most insidious support, cloaked in academic discussion.

And it was just one step from firing dissenting people to putting them in prisons or worse. True, our region did not have the constitutional strength of the USA, nor very strong opposition. But it is still scary how similar this behavior is. The right is not anti science. That we are considered anti-science is because the left is in full projection mode.

They are anti-science, thus they think the right is also. Actually, I think they are trying to smear us.

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If policy is going to be affected by the science, the science needs to be open to everyone for inspection. And, predictably, the left is screaming foul. As an example of secret science: the science EPA has used for pm2. I suspect this is a bot posting, if not,you should use a random text generator to help make more sense. Thing can be checked. Go put your exhaust from your car so it feeds into you house and see how you feel and as you car runs note if your health declines and family members die.

But before you do see if you need to dust and there is a fine black soot on surfaces. Traditionally yanks use 4um for particulate matter regs but with increasing sensitivity of monitoring 2. I hope you go do some checking. Academia is killing its own credibility. When even hard science falls prey to ideology…. MIsrepresentation, nepotism and bullying. Making the facts about what happened public is the last thing we have to hang on to, while we strive for scientific method and open discussion. So girls cannot read and rationally respond to research that might make them uncomfortable, for whatever reason.

I personally know 2 state climatologists fired for their belief that the climate change threat is being exaggerated. An editor of a climate journal was fired for publishing the wrong research. As an editor of a paper on polar bears, I was threatened and the person went to the media to harass me, claiming that contrary work should simply never be done—15 years later the work holds up just fine. I move in technical circles and have never seen a woman who can hold her own in a technical discussion. Several of them. They are especially fun to chat with. It is a mistake to use statistics to predict individual capability.

It says that there are fewer genius level women at one end, and fewer hopelessly stupid women at the other i.

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The contest is as follows: each of their parties should catch a rabbit, using their espionage skills. The party that manages to catch the rabbit the quickest, wins. First, the MI5 agents head for the forest. When they emerge eight hours later, they carry a live rabbit in a cage.

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Neat and simple. The CIA team enters the forest and emerges four hours later, holding a rabbit carcass which seems to have been shot and badly beaten several times. Still counts. The four agents disappear into the forest, and return after only an hour. But they are not carrying a rabbit, but hold a bear between two of the agents. The bear is badly bruised, has a limp and keeps head held down, looking at the ground. My parents were both rabbits. I seriously think that Quillette should do awards.

These would get a huge amount of attention, boost readership, and Quillette could back them up with so much detail. They could make fun of the oppressors and reward those who stand up. Perhaps the Carlin Awards for bravery in the face of intellectual oppression. After George Carlin, who called political correctness fascism with manners and was never afraid to say what was on his mind. Top 10 would be best.

Journal of Mathematical Psychology

One award per year would not be enough. This would be a great tactical move, and fun to boot. Pam: so maybe those persons who call for the repeal of the 19th amendment are correct in their understanding of the reasons why it should not have been passed? I have difficulty believing that the histrionic females of whom you write are truly within the top tier of intelligence for math—because a hallmark of intelligence in math is the ability to consider mathematical propositions dispassionately. Perhaps I am more of a sport than I imagine. Regarding your scientific article—it seems to be a simple and obvious proposition.

The caveats are of course that your assumptions about populations are general and cannot be presumed to be accurately descriptive of any particular species. But then, you stated that clearly. Regarding the hysterical response your paper elicited…I am dumbfounded.

I find nothing controversial in anything that you said—and fail to see how any educated reader could interpret what you say as positing that women are unsuited for the pursuit of careers in math and science. I wonder if some of the wailing and gnashing of teeth arises from the biological assertions you made; I.

One final thought—you are a mathematician and approached the problem as one deserving of a mathematical explanation. I am a physiologist and an amateur geneticist. Have you talked to your colleagues on the biological side to consider how the male Y chromosome, missing quite a bit of genetic material, might play a role in variability?

Anne Johnson, It is well known that the standard deviation of talents is higher for men than women.