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There exist linkages between drug trafficking and other illicit activities such as gunrunning, money laundering and human trafficking, which are as follows:. This drug problem is a serious menace giving impetus to various other crimes, so strong political will and hard measures if required should be opted to tackle this challenge.

Technical solutions are also necessary to augment and complement the traditional methods of border guarding. Working on both the front can probably address the existing problems of internal security. Use of internet and social media by non-state actors for subversive activities is a major security concern.

How have these been misused in the recent past? Suggest effective guidelines to curb the above threat. The use of internet and social media has become a powerful tool in the hand of non-state actors such as terrorist organizations. Use of Internet, by terrorist organization such as ISIS in recruiting youth all around the world has become a reality. Cyber warfare is gaining importance due to increasing density of internet. The Stuxnet virus affected half of the world targeting Iran nuclear facilities. Cyber espionage is also a great threat that exposes the vulnerability of any organization, or country.

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The recent theft of data of lakhs of ATMs cards in India is recent example of misuse of internet by non-state actors. Social media is also been used by the like-minded individuals as a tool for radicalization. Muzaffarnagar riots in Uttar Pradesh got intensified because of misuse of social media by non-state actors. In these circumstances effective strategies should be adopted to curb the threat posed by internet and social media. Following are some of the guidelines that can be very useful.

The scourge of terrorism is a grave challenge to national security.

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  • What solutions do you suggest to curb this growing menace? What are the major sources of terrorist funding? In view of such attacks it becomes imperative for India to check this rising menace, for which the following steps can be taken:. Please login or register to view note list. Please login or register to list article as bookmarked. Please login or register to make your note. Please login or register to list article as progressed. Study Material Prelims Test Series. This just in:. Achievers Corner Topper's Interview. Internal security.

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    Home Solved Paper by Subject Internal security. Potential threat Cyber attack is a particularly major threat to sectors identified under Critical Information Infrastructure CII that include financial systems, air traffic control and telecommunications. Security Framework The Indian government has also been aggressively addressing the rising prevalence of cyber threats. Infrastructural enhancements like road, railways and airport construction, instalment of mobile towers are taking place.

    For example- National Policy and Action Plan.

    India's Security Challenges Essay

    Smart Leadership and better coordination with the State governments is being encouraged by the Government to expand its reach in the LWE affected areas. An aggressive strategy is being followed to modernise and strengthen the capacity of armed forces. Special emphasis is being laid on the implementation of Forest Rights Act and ensuring entitlement of local communities over Minor Forest Produce.

    Public Perception Management: To counter the ideological effect of Left Wing Extremism on people, gaps between Security Forces and local people are being bridged through close interactions, Tribal Youth Exchange programmes, radio jingles, documentaries, pamphlets etc. The major reasons behind the evolution and survival of armed insurgency in this region are- This region has been one of the most neglected regions in terms of developments and is the main cause behind the resentment of the people living in this area.

    The insurgent groups take advantage of resentment of people and get support base. Alienation of population from mainstream political process, where the insurgent group continue to boycott the dialogue and electoral process. Ex — NSCN-Khaplang group Hilly terrain, dense forest and porous borders give strategic advantages for the insurgent Guerilla groups and at the same time it creates big hurdle for the counter insurgency operations.

    Racial clashes are very common here due to diverse racial profile of the region. In a fractured society the insurgent groups penetrate easily.

    Greatest internal security threats in India and ways to tackle them.

    Active and covert foreign support to these insurgent groups, through training, logistic and moral support has also been a big hurdle to eradicate these groups. Strategic impact of this action can be following. The strike reinforced the credibility of the government and displayed its resolve, even as justified restraint and maturity was on display. Russia has also backed India, saying Pakistan should take effective steps in order to stop activities of terrorist groups in its territory.

    India seems to have played its cards well by seeking international and regional isolation of Pakistan before striking infiltrator targets across the LOC. Some of the Important Strengths and Weakness of the Report: The Committee noted that consent is treated as one of the grounds for processing personal data. One in three internet users across the world is children under the age of A data protection law must sufficiently protect their interests, while considering their vulnerability, and exposure to risks online. It discussed the principle where personal data must be collected for a specified purpose only.

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    Finally, history provides ample evidence that if socioeconomic conditions deteriorate below a certain level, even a small cadre of professional, ideologically-driven revolutionaries can force significant political change. The Bolshevik revolution in Russia is an example of that principle. The final outcome depends on a highly unpredictable interplay of environmental, political, economic, social and technological factors. The government of India has a degree of control over the political and economic factors and, if it can effectively co-ordinate its efforts with the State Governments, it can alleviate the worst aspects of this dynamic through good governance and the effective provision of public services.

    As identity politics play a significant role in secessionist movements, encouraging a more homogenised national Indian identity over the longer term will be another useful tool for eliminating secessionist tendencies.

    Internal Security-I Division

    Still, this would require a consistent, long-term policy over many generations transcending immediate political needs. Since political parties generally focus only on the next electoral cycle, such consistency is highly unlikely. The last significant source of instability will be Muslim-Hindu tensions. The majority of this inter-communal violence has so far occurred close to the borders with Bangladesh and Pakistan.

    Internal Security Of India Essay

    The former was driven largely by large-scale migration from Bangladesh, which radically altered the cultural and ethnolinguistic composition of in parts of the adjoining Indian states and generated a sense of marginalisation especially among the Bodo people in Assam from a perceived Muslim invasion. In the case of Pakistan, the violence was, at its core, an expansion of the perennial conflict between the two countries. As a consequence, a future influx of Muslim migrants on a comparable scale may produce a similar, violent reaction.

    If current assessments of climate change are accurate, many areas of Bangladesh may be submerged or subjected to extreme weather patterns, as two-thirds of the country lie less than five metres above the sea level. Overall, this scenario may generate twenty million climate refugees in the coming decades. It must be borne in mind that the Bangladeshi Government is well aware of this possible danger, and has a number of policies in place to mitigate the consequences.

    As a result, even if the current assessments are accurate, the absolute worst case scenario of refugee chaos will likely be avoided. Nonetheless, the Indian Government will need to generate contingency planning and advance arrangements with the Bangladeshi Government if it is to avoid a destabilising migrant crisis. All those dangers can be successfully navigated and resolved, though it will require an unprecedented level of far-sightedness, political flexibility and intra-national co-ordination.

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    Any opinions or views expressed in this paper are those of the individual author, unless stated to be those of Future Directions International. Print Email. If current projections of climate change come to pass, a new wave of violence between Muslim migrants and local communities along the Bangladeshi border remains a distinct possibility. Summary India faces four primary threats to its national security. Analysis International Security Issues: Pakistan and Kashmir The ongoing conflict in Kashmir is a mix of competing national interests, bitter memories and ideological preconceptions.

    China The relationship between China and India is marred by the legacy of a failed promise of post-colonial co-operation. Domestic Security Issues: Insurgencies and Rebellions India has seen approximately 17, casualties of domestic and one-sided violence since Sectarian Tensions The last significant source of instability will be Muslim-Hindu tensions.

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