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I was very organized, because I was very organized when I needed to look at my notes no one noticed that I was looking at them while I was picking up the item I was about to talk about. Also I did not look as nervous as I felt. This speech was a huge help in me feeling comfortable giving speeches.

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What I did well was I accomplished my purpose of the speech. Now my home church knows how flood myths came to be and why there are so many of them.

Student Course Evaluations

Also what I did well is when I got lost in my speech my power point helped me find my place. While giving my speech I noticed that I was either behind or ahead with the power point. I also looked really nervous, when I was nervous; mostly because it was new for me to deliver a speech and present a power point.

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  • I really learned a lot about the topic of my speech and I learned how to present power points while delivering a speech. Also when I got lost in my speech my outline helped me find my place and I kept going even though I made a mistake. I did not look at my whole audience; I noticed that when watching my speech that I mostly looked to my audience that were on my right. I learned how to build my creditability, and how to use the problem solution form of persuasive essays. Now my friends know how amazing my birth mom is. Also I shared personal details candidly.

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    Though once again I needed to speak up louder, and when I had a long quote looked at my outline mostly. I really enjoyed this speech because I found a way to explain even though I was adopted it showed that my birth mom really loved me. I was happy that I could express this in this speech. My strengths were I answered each question in as much detail I could give. As I was required I watched the movie two times. I need to learn how to conform to a pre-made outline. They were completely honest with me and yet very sweet about pointing out things I needed to work on.

    I learned through my audiences that I needed to speak up louder, and to slow down. They also were very encouraging telling me that I always had interesting topics and that they could see improvement. I kept working hard in this class even when I got behind a lot. I have grown and achieved many things.

    The formative evaluations are conducted during the regular cycle of the class, while the summative evaluation process is part of the conclusion of the module. In order to evaluate the effectiveness of training the Kirkpatrick Model of Evaluation represents a useful tool to gather information about the process.

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    As noted by McNamara n. Throughout my entire academia english classes have always been and shall be the bane of my school work. I never fully had the confidence in my english work or in any of my written assignments to begin with, however it was not for the lack of trying but more of the thought of failure. The new techniques I learned in the class has given me some insight towards my style of writing and its execution. Evaluations from my previous work has given me a perspective…. Introduction Language teaching material plays an important role in EFL classroom. However, there is no coursebook can be absolutely….

    Upon my entry into English , my first college writing class, I expected to breeze through the course with an easy-A and minimal effort after my successful completion of AP English 11 this past year. I began the year with the utmost confidence in my writing abilities, and believed that my skills were above par. At first, I was astonished…. Its something….

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    English May 29, Evaluative Essay During the duration of a class one is to learn as much as possible. When entering an English class one is to expect large abundance of work, and very time consuming essays. It is entirely true, but the point is repetition and practice.

    Colvin has helped me appreciate and desire a more holistic, liberal arts education. More importantly, for the first time I actually enjoyed reading and participating in an English class.

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    • I remember all too well in high school that my English teachers did not like me as a student because I did not have the same interpretations or conclusions about certain texts that my teachers had…Professor Colvin was the exact opposite. She welcomed different interpretations as long as you could support your claim. She enjoyed and wanted people to critically analyze and assess literature…If anyone can make a science-oriented person appreciate and love an English class, that person deserves to be an educator.

      I feel like my writing has not only improved by my mind is more open. Her class is structured very well and incorporates various methods of student engagement such as papers, presentations, and blog posts, not to mention stimulating class discussion. Two things strike me in my evaluation of Ms.

      First, Ms. Colvin is very interested in what the students have to say, so much that the students are incentivized and encouraged to participate. Second, Ms. Colvin has a clear passion for teaching and the subject matter involved in the class. In this way, students see the connection between the grades they receive and the vocabulary of the rubric, minimizing the ambiguity of grading criteria. Second, I make my expectations for assignments explicit by connecting each assignment to a Course Learning Outcome: students then see how each assignment helps them reach a particular Outcome or Outcomes.

      I help students see the connections between assignments and Outcomes through descriptions on syllabi, verbal explanations, assignment sheets, and official class emails. Further, because I design scaffolded, sequential assignments aimed to help students develop as confident and independent critical thinkers and problem solvers, my grading criteria must be capable of accounting for the range of choices students can make in response to the demands of a given assignment. I would have preferred a different one, if possible.