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However, this stanza can still be connected to the previous stanzas; with a different view of the world after the death of Christian faith seen in the first three stanzas, the poet requests his listener to be true to him, as he will be to her, as that seems to be the only thing that matters to him now that the world seems hopeless and devoid of true joy.

Explanation of Dover Beach by Matthew Arnold (NET/SET/LT Grade/English Literature)

However, the recurring theme of melancholy that usually constitutes most of his works is undeniably evident in this poem as well. The poem is often read as a record of the changes in viewpoint and belief brought about by the New Science of the mid-nineteenth century.

Dover Beach Essay

The discovery of fossils by Charles Lylell dating back more than a million years ago, brought about a doubt on the traditional belief that the earth is a creation of just a few six or seven thousand years old, as is seen on the Bible. In addition to this, various scientists like Charles Darwin and Alfred Russell Wallace had stated their theories on the evolution of mankind, contradicting the Christian belief that human beings were created by an omnipotent God.

Such findings and theories, though rejected by many, still gained numerous following, resulting in a change in the beliefs of a large section of the population. This dying faith in the traditional beliefs of Christianity is what constitutes the main theme of the poem. This dying faith in the traditional beliefs of Christianity is what constitutes the main theme of the poem Dover Beach.

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As have been mentioned before, a gradual shift in the setting and narrative tone can be detected from the beginning till the end: first, starting with simple and serene visual imagery of naturalistic setting with no sign of an underlying theme, switching to a more exaggerated and complicated use of aural imagery, with no change in setting and subject matter, finally ending with a melancholic and hopeless emotional outpouring of the poet.

Despite the change in setting, these stanzas are not divided into diverse sections lacking any connection; every stanza, from the first till the last are significantly connected. This recurring use of nature to express the emotional anguish, through a very simple narrative technique, reinstates Arnolds identity as a Victorian artist often considered to be a bridge between Romanticism and Modernism.

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Essay on Dover Beach

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White Like Me Essays. The postmodern melodrama attempts to depict every aspect of the human condition…. Vincent Signorile Dr. It is a four-stanza poem in which the first stanza has fourteen lines, the second has six lines, the third has eight lines, and the fourth has nine lines. It can be noticed that if you flip the poem sideways, the words go up and down, just like waves do. Guy Montag reads this poem in an attempt to get Mildred or one of her friends to realize their own unhappiness.

Fahrenheit is written with the same tone and melancholy that Matthew Arnold first felt and showed through his poem, Dover Beach. Matthew Arnold an English poet during the Victorian Era of literature saw a conflict between people, because of the new wave of scientific facts brought on by Darwin 's Origin of species. This collided with the already existing group of religious people. All of this has given me a profound understanding and enjoyment of literature and the skills to develop a well thought-out paper.

With this self-reflection essay, I will prove that I have the skill and knowledge to create a well-developed essay with a strong and…. In his first stanza, Arnold emphasizes the importance of distinguishing the difference between illusion and reality through his constant change from a beautiful to disheartening tone. Arnold conveys the theme of "Dover Beach" through three essential developments: the technical qualities of the poem itself, symbolism, and imagery.

The theme of illusion versus reality in "Dover Beach" reflects the speaker's awareness of the incompatibility between what is perceived and what truly…. Then, there are the handful who are able to see this hopelessness and its destruction, so they try to share with the blind the mercy and hope found in their faith, but the blind turn deaf and choose to ignore.

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